what to do with all those cards

We had a huge party for Sawyer’s first birthday and got tons of cards. I didn’t want to throw them away, but I didn’t want a stack of cards just floating around. Well, eight months later (ha!), I finally did something with them.

I made them into a book! I have a Cinch (which is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools) and used it to bind all these.

Since it was a Mickey themed party, I put one of the Mickey cards at the front.

The Cinch is so great because you can decide which holes it will punch by pulling out or pushing in those little pink knobs. I chose to only punch seven holes because all the cards were different sizes.

I punched each card and used a spiral to bind them all together.

Since I plan on doing this with all of our cards (wedding, graduation, birthdays) I wanted a way to differentiate them when stacked on a shelf.

I pulled out some of the ribbon that I used for Sawyer’s birthday party and tied on a few pieces.

See how the ribbon will show when it is standing up straight?

I am so happy that I have this done and tucked away for years to come. I plan on doing this every year for his birthday. How sweet will it be to have cards from grandparents and aunts and uncles all in one place?