Girls gotta have a way to organize and display their jewels. I made this jewelry frame for the Big Kid so that she has a special place…Wait, no. I made this so that there’s no excuse to have jewelry strewn everywhere. It’s a nice bonus that it doubles as colorful wall art and keeps her pretties at the ready. If this doesn’t scream, “Jewelry goes here!” then I give up. It’s bright orange. You can’t miss it! (It works, she loves it!) Kids do well when they know exactly where their staff should live. This was easy enough and super cheap. It would be a fun and thoughtful gift for girls of all ages. I would love something similar but smaller for my closet.  Here’s what I did: I bought the old frame at a salvage yard and busted out the glass. Careful! I sanded any rough spots and painted it a high gloss orange.

I even painted right over that little window lock thingy. Once the paint was dry, I flipped it over and stretched a chicken wire across the back. I picked up more cuts from the chicken wire than from the glass, so find some gloves. You’ll have to cut the chicken wire to fit using wire cutters. I tried and failed at stretching it and securing it with a staple gun. Hubs rescued me with the drill. He pre-drilled the holes, stretched the wire tight, and secured them with screws.

Here’s a peek at the back, so you see the strategy that worked to secure the chicken wire.

Attach some picture hanger hoop things.

Here’s a full picture of the back. As you can see, I hot glued some felt to the back so that the hot mess of screws and sharp wire edges didn’t scratch up my walls or favorite people. 
Oh, the jewelry hangs on the wire from little s hooks that I bought at Home Depot.