Waldorf Lamb Pattern

Oh I have knitted herds of these cute lambs!

Most of them hopefully found safe new homes because we tended to lose them on playgrounds, airports, taxis, supermarkets and friends houses.

I never minded.

Because they are so much fun to make and it is such a heartwarming feeling to bring them to life with your very own handworking hands.

You start by casting on 36 stitches.

Keep going always knitting in garter front and back row. Decide on one side (“front side”) where you will count the raised “ribs”.

When you can count 7 ribs start casting off 8 stitches on each side. The 8 stitches to the right on your “front” side first, then cast off the 8 on the left after turning your work to the back row. Does that make sense?

You now have 20 stitches on your needle. Keep knitting until you can count 8 ribs on the side you decided on to be the front side.

Now cast on 8 stitches on each side. You do that opposite to how you casted off before, meaning you start casting on the left 8 stitches on the end of your row first, then turn your work, knit, and then cast on the other 8 stitches on that back row.

You are now back to 36 stitches on your needle.


Keep knitting until you can count 7 ribs. Then cast off 11 stitches on each side in the same manner you casted off the first 8 stitches.

You now have 14 stitches on your needle. Finish until you can count 10 ribs and then cast off.

The numbers on the pattern mean the numbers of RIBS. Don’t count the rows – just simply count the ribs.

As you sow the seams, you fill the little body with a bit of soft wool ( the lambs are not really intended to be able to stand up – they are for cuddling…), give a little kneading here and there then all of the sudden your very own adorable lamb will do it’s first “mehhhhh”