Easy Chunky Leather Bracelet Tutorial

HEY – This is a leather bracelet tutorial!!!

Here we go:

For this bracelet I used again some elastic cord combined with the leather to be able to easily slide the bracelet over my hand.

I also wanted to use up the rest of those rose-quartz beads. These kind of natural, free-form little gemstones cost only pennies but of course you can use any beads you like.

I also used my favorite facetted spacer beads in copper.

For the elastic I like to use Gosshammer Floss but Magic Stretch will also work.

My piece of leather is about 14 cm long, 1cm wide and 2,5mm thick.

I have a quite normal size wrist and hand. Please adjust to the size you need.

Pieces from old broken belts are perfect for this project.

Punch a hole on both ends of the leather. With a tool or with a thick, sharp needle. If you use a needle mark where you want the hole and then press the needle alternating from both sides until you are able to push the needle all the way thru. It takes a bit time and carefulness (do not pierce yourself!) but it will work.

Then start threading the beads on your elastic loop over a length of about 4,5 cm – one or two more beads on the “upper” loop part.

Pull tight and place an overhand knot as close as possible on the inside.

If you have never worked with elastic jewelry cord: You are able to pull gently on both two endings of the overhand knot sliding the knot closer to the beads until it is really tight. Do another overhand knot if possible. Cut the endings.

You could also thread your elastic thru the hole, then string a few more beads on the “lower” loop part and then place the knot. This way might be easier for placing the knot but it didn’t occurred to me earlier!

Now you can do one or more loops of beads in the same manner if you like.