handmade & handsewn pencil case

matryoshka pencil case do you like this matryoshka pencil case? i LOVE it!! i finished it last night- late! lately i have been into linen & cotton mixed fabric. LOVE the texture of it. i am stocking up for no reasons. it is just fun to have. the zipper and the lining is hand sewn. it was fun to just do a little handy work. i did used the sewing machine for both sides. it enforced the case. the batting was i purchased from taiwan. -double side interfacing batting. this pencil case is very sturdy. i have one that i put my sewing tools in and stella has one for her colors.

machine quilted 1/4″apart.

the lining is so cute! I REALLY love red/ white combination! here is another semi-project that i work on… i made a light box studio for myself to take pictures. i google on line and tried to find an inexpensive light box to purchase. somewhat it is expensive to get one, so here.. i made one that cost me $3.

$ 3, light box. i found this box from a dumpster last night. i cut three sides off, but remained about an inch on each side. i attached tissue paper on the cut off sides and got a table light that I can light on. I am still experiencing the lighting at this point, but i am pleased with the result.