How to make paper doll


  • 1) sewable heating bond
  • 2) paper doll fabric
  • 3) flannel
  • 4) scissors
  • 5)iron
  • 6) ironing board

first, cut off the paper dolls and outfits. I did try to trimmed the fabric closer to the images. the reason is to save the heating bond and flannel.

lay your paper doll on top of heating bond and cut the heating bond around the paper doll.

now, you’d want to put your paper doll and cut off heating bond together and iron on the paper doll side. make sure it well iron. ( no steam ) now you should have paper doll and heating bond in one piece because heating bond is alike double side tape.

after you peel off the heating bond paper, you should see your fabric has a glossy look. that’s other side of the heating bond that has not been iron.

pile up your paper dolls and paper doll outfits that have been ironed on the heating bond.

lay your paper dolls and paper doll outfits on the flannel and iron over.

now, cut off each pieces.

use one of your GOOD pair of scissors and trim around the paper dolls. at this point you have your paper doll 90% completed. the flannel is heavier than cotton, so make sure you use your GOOD scissors to trim.

now … you should have lots paper dolls and outfits to play with. by the way, i made this paper doll board for miss stella. it is very easy.. i went to our local lumber and got a piece of plywood for $4 and asked the shop cut it into three pieces. i put a piece of my scrap batting on top of the plywood and used spray adhesive on the batting. covered a piece of scrap fabric on top of batting. I used fabric glue on the back folding. finally, i use a piece of wool felt i found from thrift store to cover up.