How about we make something we can hang and tease our cats with? Fun, yeah?

To make this DIY paper doily mobile, you will need: paper doilies, faux pearls, string, and 1 scroll rod (or any wooden rod), sewing machine


Take 1 doily pair and…

You will make 3 doily garlands with 3 doily pairs each.



1. You can attach the strings to the doily pairs with the help of a needle.

2. To prevent the string from unraveling, you can hot glue the spot where you knot it.

3. Instead of faux pearls, you can use other beads you fancy.

4. I’m sure you’re not as lazy as I am so I encourage you to make more than 3 layers and 3 row of doilies. Use an embroidery hoop instead of a rod to make something chandelier-like!