My new jewelry organizer

Speaking of things exceeding their expectations, I have been weirdly productive as of late. I tell you, it feels like I finish a project every day. Some of these projects were driven by necessity. My new jewelry organizer is an example. It was necessary because we did a bit of furniture swapping and I ended up with a smaller dresser. Because of said list, my head was a jumble of ideas for weeks.

My initial plans involved the following and some versions thereof:

The first illustration is of a piece of wood with rods and hooks attached. The funnel-type contraption is comprised of the top part of a water bottle and a hose clamp. Unfortunately, the shape of this part of the water bottle made securing it to the wood a bit of a problem. I could have excluded the bottle part altogether but I needed the organizer to have room for my rings, too.

The bottom drawing has embroidery hoops tied together. One will have pockets for rings. Another hoop will have a rod for hook earrings while the bottom will have nails for hanging necklaces. I no longer remember why I discarded this idea; you are welcome to use, modify, or make it better.

I ended up using the box that I was supposed to transform into a Wuthering Heights-inspired miniature scene. Because you know, boxes are reliable. Boxes are some of the best things in the world. FACT.

My favorite part of this organizer is probably the ring holders. I simply cut a rod in half and screwed them in place. I love the space between them, too, because I have to have a smaller box of loose pendants, earrings with errant partners, and more rings. And because I change my mind faster than the cats go through their cat treats, the paper lining the box is not permanent.