Santas Magic Key

How Santa will get inside the house, We don’t have a chimney. So how will he??

I saw the idea at a party shop. I googled poems & found this, and I added the last paragraph. Dear Santa, We don’t have a chimney, and I was worried as could be About how you’d bring the Presents to my family and me. But now I’ve solved the problem, And I’m not sad anymore, For hanging from this ribbon Is the key to our front door. Use this Magic Key, But only for one night. It will open up my door. Then just follow the bright light. My tree will be shinning, and You will be sure to see.


  1. poem
  2. a Santa Gift Tag
  3. ribbon
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. a key
  7. Cardboard Laminator – optional
  8. Hole Punch

Cut it all out & paste together. Use the Lamantor if you like.

Punch a hole in the corner. Thread the ribbon through the key, then the poem & tie off.


Now we know how Santa is getting into our house!