Christmas Angel Wings

My aunty gave me this idea, well it was for her house, so I stole it & run with it.

With my little munchinks around, I totally can’t leave presents under the tree.There’s no concept that we give present to other people as well & it’s not all about them! We are working on it.. So I made the angel wings and I have started to place the presents on the dinning table.Surprising they haven’t touched them….yet!

Each little bird “Love”, “Joy”  & “Peace”The candles underneath mirror that as well.

This is how I made the wings: Freehand draw a wing, cut out, flipped over & traced the 2nd wing.

Covered both wings with plain white computer paper ( don’t need to be neat)Just don’t want the brown cardboard showing through.

Then start to hot glue the feathers on.I started going around the outside, then worked my way into the middle. My feathers were already trimmed at the peak, & looked yucky, so I cleaned them up.

I turned the wings over. Tapped them together.  Hot glued the ribbon for hanging. Used a temporary hook And hang up. DONE

I love it!It’s pretty, different & can can use it next year!