15 garden decor ideas with wooden pallets that are as practical as they are aesthetic

Wooden pallets continue to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for DIY enthusiasts. These racks serve as the primary building material for making furniture, planters, and vertical growing solutions from early spring through late fall. This year is no exception to the rule, and the return of the sunny days has prompted many people to get into DIY with pallets. To inspire you, Deavita presents 15 garden decor ideas with wooden pallets that are as practical as aesthetic.

DIY with wooden pallets as an unusual garden decoration

Once taken apart, you can use the planks from the pallets to make various items that are both practical and decorative. For example, with their authentic style, pallet furniture is a great addition to the outdoor space or interior that requires a touch of character. In the garden or on the balcony, pallet planters are handy and space-saving gardening solutions, which allow you to grow strawberries, aromatic herbs, or flowers while taking advantage of the high space.

Whatever DIY project you’re looking for, a few more great ideas are never too many. If you agree, you will for sure appreciate our selection of decorative and useful objects to make yourself from wooden pallets. Check them out below.

A green panel as a garden decoration with wooden pallets

A maze or a plant painting? If this is what you think you are looking at in the image above, you better think twice. Believe it or not, this is a vertical garden with a dual function. In addition to sheltering your plants while showing them off in a decidedly original way, this artistic green creation is a real focal point for any area of ​​your outdoor space. The different compartments are decorated with many wooden slices, which give a unique character to the whole. And what better idea than this to create a privacy screen to decorate your garden while offering yourself the necessary privacy? The good news is that such a structure is easy to make and customized to suit individual tastes.

Make a vertical garden out of pallets to show off the drooping flowers with creativity.

Whether grown on the balcony or in the garden, drooping flowers deserve to be displayed in the most elegant way possible. The petunias and geraniums that fascinate us with their beautiful, opulent, and colorful waterfalls will be highlighted more when planted in wooden pallets. And if you dream of creating your little oasis of flowers and greenery on the terrace or in the backyard, there is nothing easier than screwing together a few wooden pallets and crates to create a vertical garden. Absolutely stunning.

A pallet wall planter and garden decoration with DIY boards

Sanding with sandpaper and a stroke of paint is enough to give your wood pallet planter a boost. But if you end up with a few extra pallet boards, take advantage and turn them into quirky decorative items. For example, glue a given number of pallet boards. Trace a pattern of your choice on top and cut it out with a jigsaw. The hearts you see in the photo above are a great example of cheap and easy-to-make patio decor. Use it to adorn the front of your house, the garden shed, or the front door.

A watering can plant pot made from pallet planks.

If you have the right tools, crafting with wooden pallets is a snap. The same goes for the following DIY project. This is a watering can-shaped flowerpot that is made from sanded and painted white pallet planks. In addition to being very practical, this decorative object is ideal for highlighting your dear summer flowering plants. By the way, this idea is ideal if you are looking for a gardener gift.

A decorative wall rack for flowerpots on the balcony and terrace

The planks of a wood pallet are the perfect material for making furniture and decorative items for the outdoors and indoors. That said, the following DIY project will embellish the walls of your terrace and balcony originally and unusually or even enhance your garden fence. This is a decorative wall rack for flower pots, which is made based on wooden pallet planks. The butterfly-shaped design is really original, and it is perfect for outdoor decoration for spring and summer.

A simple pallet wall rack for storing herbal jars in style

Of course, it is possible to make a straightforward wall rack to hang your herb pots. Just sand a palette with sandpaper, clean it thoroughly, and repaint it in a color of your choice. To secure the flowerpots, you can use zip ties or screws and hanging rings. For 100% recycled decor, why not opt for metal cans? A stroke of paint will give them an instant decorative touch. All you have to do is plant your aromatic herbs and hang the recycled pots on their new pallet support.

A pallet garden path: a decorative and practical solution at the same time

Enhance your flower beds by installing a small pallet garden path among the plants. For a more beautiful effect, do not hesitate to paint the boards in the colors of your choice or simply bleach them. This guarantees you a successful vintage effect. On the other hand, if you prefer a natural look, it is enough to treat the wood with a lacquer or a stain to protect it against UV rays and humidity. Depending on the type of product chosen, you will keep the wood’s original appearance, or you will give it another color. On average, the boards of an untreated pallet could withstand about 3 years without deteriorating under the effect of climatic conditions.

Pallet wood planters as a garden decoration with wood pallets

Authentic and decidedly original, wooden pallet planters are ideal for any outdoor space, whether it is the balcony, the terrace, or the garden. Easy to make, practical, and very decorative, they are perfect for housing summer arrangements, hanging flowers, strawberries, or even aromatic herbs. To be installed on the windowsill, on the floor, or even on the steps of the exterior staircase, these reclaimed wood flower boxes will sublimate your space naturally and sustainably. It is still possible to install them in your garden shed to enjoy your plantations as long as possible.

A DIY pallet wood lantern to decorate the balcony and terrace

Test your DIY skills by embarking on the following DIY project! This is a pallet wood lantern whose original design will not leave anyone indifferent. A true work of art, this piece is ideal for creating a romantic atmosphere on the terrace during summer nights.

Reclaimed garden decoration with wooden pallets and tin cans

The reclaimed garden decoration continues to be very popular. Wooden pallets, in particular, are among the materials most used for the realization of different DIY projects that focus on recycling. Above, we present you with a creative idea to learn how to divert the planks from the pallets into an original wall rack for your flowers and herbs. As you can see, you don’t need much: 2 pallet boards are fine, as well as some vintage door handles. Once the handles are in place, proceed to mount the pallets to the desired location. Finally, all you have to do is hang up the planted cans.

A colorful pallet wood plant stand

A simple wooden pallet can quickly become the focal point in the garden! It is, of course, enough to show imagination and creativity. We used a pallet to carry out the following project, which we previously passed through the sander. Afterward, we painted the front slats in bright, vitamin colors to give the support an instant boost. Finally, we mounted metal clamps in which we installed the flowerpots. Here!

A 2-in-1 privacy screen and planter made from wooden pallets

A few wooden pallets can quickly divert a few wooden pallets into practical and decorative screening, and the following idea is obvious proof of this. After being cleaned, sanded, and repainted in gray, the pallets were erected and attached to create a privacy screen. Finally, planters made of the same material have been installed in the upper part. The contrast between the gray wood and the magnificent flowers of the geraniums is absolutely delightful.

Pallet plank pumpkins for Halloween

Finally, we present you these two original pumpkins made from recycled pallet boards. We repainted the wood in orange for a more authentic effect, and we also added small branches as stems. To complete the set, the set decorated the gourds with wreaths of ivy.