Christmas Snow Balls

Some of them have as many toothpicks as I could get in the styrofoam. Some of them are a little empty and have different lengths of toothpicks.

So this is what you do:

Get a bunch of toothpicks – the thick ones – either round or the square ones, NOT FLAT puny toothpicks! Get tons and tons of toothpicks.

Get some styrofoam balls. I used 2.5″, 3″, and 4″ balls.

Stick the toothpicks into the balls however you like.  Stick them in far enough, so they stay in well. My experience is that the square ones stay in the best, but the round ones look prettier.

Completely cover the whole snowball with white FLAT spray paint.

Spray with a good coat or two of Spray Snow Flocking. This is hard to find. It must be the worst of the aerosols for huffing because I only find it in stores occasionally. You can find it on Amazon here and here (affiliate links).

That’s it: easy peasy and pretty cheap – although you have to buy more toothpicks than you can even imagine. I think I bought out the entire supply of at least two stores, maybe three.

To hang them, I inserted a hook made from white fabric covered floral wire. Just bend it into a big U and stick both ends deep into the styrofoam. Use whatever ribbon or mono-filament that you choose.

They make really great vignettes. I don’t use them every year. Mine has lasted a long time. I pack them very carefully wrapped individually in tissue paper. The toothpicks do fall out occasionally – but go back in easily.

Can you think of any place you might use some spray painted, flocked toothpicks stuck into styrofoam balls? I think these little snowballs give toothpicks and styrofoam some dignity! How about you?