DIY Dishwasher Detergent Super Cheap

If you are like us, you wash more dishes than you care to think about. Even with the help of the dishwasher, it can still be a monstrous task. And with it comes the cost of buying all that detergent – it can really add up! So we were inspired to find a recipe for our own, homemade dishwasher detergent that would cut the cost to a minimum while still getting the job done. There were quite a few recipes that we found, but this one seems to work great – at a fraction of the cost of commercial brands!

Mix together equal parts Borax and Baking Soda in an empty canister. Pour vinegar into the rinse agent dispenser in your dishwasher. This is important because the Borax definitely needs some extra help getting rinsed off, and vinegar is a super-cheap and effective way to do it! Scoop 1 Tbsp. into each side of your dishwasher’s soap dispenser. Run your machine as you normally would!

You’ll be surprised at how great this works and how cheap it is!