Although I am sure most of you have figured out how to create your own pop-up book art after looking at the pictures, I thought I would give you a quick little tutorial on how I made my own book art in a matter of minutes!!

1. Find an old book and open it to about the middle. Older books work really well because they lay flat.
2. Draw whatever your heart desires. This project is great because you can draw very simple forms or very intricate- both look great. So even if you aren’t an artist, give this project a try! As you are drawing, make sure to keep your composition in mind so the figures aren’t right behind each other but rather off set so you can see everything at once. Also, remember to draw “stems” on whichever figures you want to stand up taller (like stars-which need to be higher so they look like they are in the sky).

3. Next, place a piece of card stock under the page and cut out the forms with an exacto knife. MAKE SURE NOT TO CUT THE BOTTOM PORTION OF THE FIGURE. This is how you will fold the object up.

4. Last, to make sure everything is stable, use toothpicks and hot glue to give the forms a little extra support.

And there you have it! Easy art that can be customized for different seasons, celebrations, and/or events!!