This idea might be so 2011, but a project that uses an item plucked off the side of the road plus 5 bucks worth of paint to become something useful and still stylish is a no-brainer. I squealed with delight the day I saw a fresh crop of stumps along with my regular kid shuttling route. (I realize that’s weird.) I looked them over and chose this one because I could actually lift it into the car and it had a flat top.

So maybe it has a little lean to it. You can’t be too picky when you’re freecycling. I attempted to chisel the bark off of it but became quickly bored with that. Ditto sanding. So I just painted it. Not going to waste too much time on this, as Hubs was already giving it the stink eye. Then the whole project stalled out for about 6 months, in total violation of my own rules. Oh, that’s right, now I remember why I shelved the project.

Tiny and I pulled it out last week and finished it. I nailed some felt feet into the bottom to keep it from scratching up the floors. If it gets uninvited from this room, it could become a nightstand in Tiny’s room.

So far, it’s getting along nicely over there in the corner.

It brings another layer and a bit of texture to the room. Layers and textures are good. Especially for only 5 bucks. Oh, maybe 8 bucks with the paint and felt feet.