Fabric Brooches

There is nothing like a cute accessory to make you feel great – and if it’s practically free, even better! We found these great instructions for making a brooch out of “yo-yo’s” and we promise that not only are they incredibly easy to make but will only take around 10 minutes (or less!). Plus, they are a great way to use up your scrap fabric! First, select the fabric you would like to use and cut them into circles, one larger than the other (a cereal bowl and large mug are great to trace).

Next, sew a simple basting stitch around the outside of both circles. Pull the thread so that the fabric bunches together and knot your thread. Then flatten your circles and arrange the pleats.

Select a button for the middle of your small circle. You can use and found button, or cover a button with a fabric that matches one of your circles. Sew the button onto the smaller circle, then sew the smaller circle to the larger one.

You can now flip your circles over and attach a brooch back.

Finally, you can add ribbon or any other embellishments you wish! We also thought that these might even make cute magnets or would be pretty tied to a package. However you decide to use these, we feel they make great gifts!