Hairstyle for long and medium hair: 20+ looks that will hit the mark this year

Long hair hairstyle ideas to upgrade your mane without losing length

The confinement… sorry, the confinements will have had several effects. While some of you have taken to cooking, painting or laughing at yoga , others have taken advantage of the social isolation by pampering your beauty and growing your hair out. The upcoming confinement could also be a great opportunity to let them grow slowly, while taking care of them. Certainly, when it gets to a certain length, your hair will start to look like a bale of straw. Yes, yes, we admit, the long mane is sacred. Approaching a pair of scissors can therefore be dramatic. So what can you do to enhance XL hair without sacrificing your pretty lengths? Here are 20+ long and mid-length hairstyle ideas that are a hit this year!

Hairstyle for long and medium hair: 20+ looks that will hit the mark this year

Because changing your hairstyle is always a good idea, we are focusing on the hairstyle trends for long and medium-length hair that will make 2021. And as fashion is a never-ending restart, we are inspired by past years and, more particularly , from the seventies. If fashion and beauty side, we fall for the retro era, we do the same when styling our hair. Mermaid Hair, Bubble Ponytail, curtain bangs , permanent curls, Sharon Tate-style braids, hairstyle with a scarf … obviously, there are many looks suitable for XL manes. Good news for the ladies who have spent months spreading castor oil on their hair.: your efforts will finally be rewarded! Here are 20+ looks to try to get Rapunzel hair in shape!

Curtain bangs on long hair

To enhance your hair without sacrificing its length, there is a logical option: try bangs. Timeless and wisely sexy, the curtain bangs change the face with a scissors stroke. It is therefore not surprising that it is invited on all fronts this year. Brigitte Bardot’s signature look, the “curtain bang” had its glory days thanks to the French actress during the 60s and, since then, regularly frames the faces of contemporary stars who adopt it brilliantly. For non-English speakers, this is a retro chic fringe and very recognizable for its “curtain” effect. In other words, this bangs sweep both sides of the forehead (hence the name) and delicately blend with the rest of the mane, while highlighting the face. Very sexy on a plunging square, Bardot bangs are particularly attractive when paired with XL waves. Its greatest asset? Its maintenance, of course! Good news for girls who are planning to grow their hair back. The “curtain bang” is perfect for making a fluid transition between thick bangs and a layered cut. Longer or shorter, curtain bangs are undoubtedly THE hairstyle to adopt with your eyes closed this summer.

The Shag cut

Besides bangs, another great option to switch up your cut without losing your lengths is the Shag cut. A reminiscence of the seventies, it pimps the uniformity of long hair. Still for non-English speakers: the word “shag” refers to a carpet with long wicks. Between the mullet cut and the layered cut, the Shag cut plays on the dimensions of the hair. It tapers the lengths to create several levels. Short across the top of the head and sides, this hybrid cut frames the face and brings a rock cool effect. Blurred and wrinkled, it is a guarantee of a mastered combed-disheveled style. It is worn with the parting in the middle and goes particularly well with the curtain fringe. To play on the volume and structure of the Shag cut, we sublimate it with natural and light waves. It can be worn on long hair as well as on square hair and XS hair. However, fine hair is not an advantage and should avoid the Shag style at the risk of losing hair mass. A subtle sweep is enough to bring relief to fine lengths.

Mermaid Hair or Mermaid Hair

Hair trend alert: mermaid hair is everywhere! On Instagram and Pinterest, Mermaid Hair is a real hit. Wavy hair on ultra long hair is what it is all about. But unlike the usual waves, the wavy effectis done on fine strands. The loops are therefore more numerous. Mermaid Hair thus brings volume and substance to the hair. It is therefore perfect for fine, flat hair. In addition, it is very easy to achieve. All you need to do is get a three-head curling iron. Use the curler to work your strands from top to bottom. Remember that the finer your locks, the more mermaid mane effect is guaranteed. Want to curl your hair without heat? No problem ! Opt for a few thin and tight braids, done over the entire hair. You will thus obtain beautiful wavy lengths without using your curling iron.

Mini braids on the sides Sharon Tate style

Certainly, the long hair hairstyles that hit the mark in 2021 remind us of our first years of school… and this is not to displease us. A sacred time when hair clips, clips, bandanas and giant scrunchiesadorned our heads brilliantly. And if some trends have since disappeared, others are there to take care of our beauty. This is for example the case of retro mini braids. So, after the Bardot bangs, focus on Sharon Tate-style braids! These small thin braids with a bohemian look are perfect for adopting a look that changes without spending hours to achieve yet another tutorial. Available at will, they can be worn on the beach as well as in the evening. We love the minimalist version: one or two mini braids on each side of the face! A classic look, but ultra stylish to wear with your eyes closed.

The bubble ponytail

While it had its heyday a few decades ago, the Bubble ponytail is making a growing comeback this year. To succeed, nothing could be easier! Get several rubber bands and position them all along your high tail. They should be tied at equal intervals as shown above. Sophisticated look guaranteed! Perfect for your walks in the city, the Bubble Ponytail is also invited on your head on D-Day to guarantee you a bridal hairstyle to fall. The proof in our photo gallery.

Modern Perm: the perm is back!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the trend is for vintage hairstyles! So, on her long or shoulder-length hair, add bangs and curl it all up with a good perm. We are therefore witnessing the return of an eighties  hairstylevery connoted, except that it appears much more modern in 2021. A little more loose, neglected and natural than the retro version, the “perm” goes well with all lengths. However, it is preferred on long or mid-length hair, on a layered or shag cut. How to adopt it without making a mistake? Well, curly girls can just texturize their curls with a suitable product. For others, we advise you to use curlers. Yes, you got it right! The modern perm does not require a heating device. Choose thin foam curlers for tight curls, then put them on washed, damp hair. Now, all you have to do is wait a few hours (or one night) for your lengths to dry in the shape of curlers. Be careful though,

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