Hairstyle with a bandana for curly hair

Does “y2k” fashion mean anything to you? This bizarre abbreviation refers to the fashion of the 2000s. Split jeans, bob cut, rectangular sunglasses, wide belt, baguette handbag … seen in the videos of Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. All these pieces are making a comeback in the fashion trends summer 2021and this is not to displease us! The must-have at the top of the list? The bandana, of course! This little printed headband never goes out of style. It is a versatile, practical, and easy-to-wear accessory that has stood the test of time and remains very popular among curly girls today. Having a very tight curl, wavy, frizzy, and afro hair requires regular and relevant care, especially during the summer. And with the “Nappy Hair” movement, we increasingly want to take on them. To sublimate and protect them, nothing like the hairstyle with a bandana! Short, long, or mid-length cuts, it invites itself on every voluminous hair! Guaranteed effect!

Curly hair: some hairstyle ideas with a bandana to sublimate them

Between the sea, the sun, and the evenings on the beach, summer 2021 is the perfect opportunity to test new hair looks. Curly, afro or straight hair, short, long, or mid-length, the hairstyle with bandana invites itself on all heads to sublimate each frizz. If your mane does not fall badly today, the only solution will be to put it in shape with this printed headband. Practical, aesthetic, and versatile, it promises to twist any hair. However, the small square of printed fabric goes particularly well with the wavy manes. Ultra glamorous, they benefit from a natural volume to make the hairstyles of Hollywood stars pale. Gone are the days when you tame them with brushing or straightening iron. This summer, the curls will be assumed from the catwalks to the street, thanks to the hairstyle with a bandana. To find out how to adopt it with style, here is our selection of looks unearthed on the Web!

How to style your hair with a bandana when you have curly hair?

Before putting on your pretty bandana, take care of and style your curls! Being more fragile than straight hair, frizzy hair deserves special attention. For perfect waves, detangle them in the shower, space out shampoos, and make homemade hair masks. Some curly girls even opt for the “Cowash” detox method (it is the contraction of “conditioner washing”) or the fact of no longer using shampoo. In this case, we wash his hair with his conditioner. Others nourish their curls by taking regular oil baths. It is important to use suitable hair care in all cases to have drawn and sublime waves. After the shower, make way for leave-in styling products!

Bandana on short curly hair

As you understood, the bandana likes all lengths and all hair types. The short style is, therefore, no exception. The summer 2021 star accessory is no slouch with XS curly hair. Practical and aesthetic, it will only give character to the shortcut while nicely framing your face. To adopt it without making a mistake, wrap it around your head, and it’s done. You can also opt for a knot. For those hot days when you want to laze on the beach, the bandana becomes the ideal ally to protect your little curls from the sun. The retro-chic accessory is also handy during hair regrowth.

Bandana on shoulder-length curly hair

Certainly, the bandana allows more fantasy with long and shoulder-length hair. In fact, it’s the star hairstyle of the 60s. Pretty, trendy, and classy, ​​the bandana tames wild curls brilliantly. When you have a long bob or shoulder-length curly hair with bangs, the small square of printed fabric brings a sophisticated touch to the hairstyle. If you want to really make the impression, just leave your bangs in front and make yourself a high ponytail, then wrap the bandana around your head. You can also go for a bun with a bandana tied all around. This is an ideal hairstyle for camouflaging dirty hair when you don’t have nice curls.

Bandana on long curly hair

When you have long curly hair, the possibilities of styling with a bandana are virtually endless! It can be worn in a thousand and one ways so that it gives pep to his mane. Perfect for accessorizing a bun, ponytail, or faux braid, the bandana is also very practical for camouflaging white roots. Our favorite look? The high bun with an inserted bandana (see hairstyle number 5 in the video below).

Bandana to protect curly hair from the sun

When the sun boosts morale, it also does good for your mane, as long as you don’t bask too long without hair protection. The rule is particularly valid for curly hair, the nature of which is usually arid. So, just like with fair skin, scorching temperatures and UV rays are harmful to frizzy and frizzy hair. Obviously, they are allowed to enjoy the sun, but in small doses and as long as you use adequate protective care. In addition to sublimating the curls, the bandana is also very practical to protect them from the sun and frizz during the night. Discover the rest of our looks for stylish protection!

Long curly hair: protective hairstyle with a bandana

Bandana-style knotted scarf on short hair

Hairstyle with a bandana on loose hair

Hairstyle with a bandana: half a tail on wavy hair

Hair with a bandana on long curly hair

How to style your hair with a bandana when you have curly bangs?

Hairstyle with a bandana on medium hair with bangs

High curly bun, tied with a bandana

High tail with a bandana to camouflage oily or visible roots

Cut with a chic and romantic bandana

Curly square with a bandana