Make Beaded Hoop Earrings

I don’t know about you, but I can never find the perfect pair of dress-up earrings to wear to church. (I think I just proved how mature I am by referring to parts of my wardrobe as “dress-up”).  So I came up with these – pretty, but not too much.

The supply list for these is pretty simple and this is a great project for beginning jewelry makers.

  1. Pearls – I used three colors that were three different sizes (Michael’s)
  2. Findings – Headpins and Wire Loops (Hobby Lobby)
  3. Round Nose Pliers – (Hobby Lobby)
  4. Wire cutters

Thread one bead onto a headpin and cut the wire down to about half an inch above the top of the pearl. Using Round Nose Pliers, grip the headpin close to the very top of the cut wire. You want to be able to rub your finger on top of the pliers and not feel the wire sticking out. Gripping the headpin, turn the pliers, making a loop. Keep looping until the cut end of the wire touches the wire near the pearl. At this point, your loop will be in a “p” shape. Again using the round nose pliers, grip the wire close to the bead, like the bottom right picture above.

Turn the loop so it is no longer a “p” shape but a nice circle-shaped loop.

Continue making pearl loops until you have your desired amount of beaded loops for both earrings. I like to line my beads up to make sure I have made the same amount for each earring and also to make sure I put them in the same order.

Slide beads onto wire hoops, and you are done!

Now put on your pretty new dress-up earrings and show them off! See, I told you it was easy!