Modern interior courtyard layout – how to design a contemporary patio design?

If you live in a city apartment, you are probably interested in original balcony decor ideas. If, on the other hand, you are lucky to have a home with a yard, you may be looking for ways to optimize the living conditions it has to offer while enhancing its appearance. And if your home has a patio, you’ve won the movable lottery. So, here are some great ideas on interior courtyard design of modern design! But, rest assured, you will be able to enjoy it even if you do not have a patio in the true sense of the word … Take inspiration from the architecture, furniture, and decorative elements and design your own heavenly corner at your fingertips!

Interior patio layout architect house – inspiration in photos

Everyone knows that the so-called architect houses are the crème de la crème in design and decoration. However, one does not have to live in a mansion of hundreds of square meters, nor have thousands of dollars of pocket money at his disposal to benefit from the creative ideas of world-famous designers. The proof is in the gallery of images to follow, especially in the clever explanations accompanying them.


The main idea that we would like to offer you in this sheet is to simply choose the interior courtyard design ideas that you like the most and adapt them to your specific residential reality. But, of course, even a miniature backyard can transform into a dream space as long as you are armed with the right ideas! Here is, for example, how to take advantage of a small enclosed space adjacent to the house by choosing the right conceptual ingredients:

We must optimize access to the courtyard while respecting the insulation thanks to the quality sliding picture windows. Then, a smooth interior-exterior transition is created using the right coatings. Finally, we furnish optimally, and we decorate geometric concrete planters that are simply fabulous! It’s totally doable in any backyard.


Remember that good interior patio decoration is useless when it lacks the proper lighting. In this example, the exterior LED spotlights, and the concealed light strips underline the beauty of the design. These clever fixtures subtly yet effectively showcase the L-shaped bench that seems to float in the areas, the skeleton wood panels, and the lush greenery.

Interior courtyard patio layout and original decorating ideas in various styles

Moreover, the interior patio of a contemporary house should not at all costs be based solely on ultramodern elements, without exception. A pretty exotic touch here and there works wonders with the decoration, adding many life and character. The glazed ceramic side tables-stools with verdigris effect seen above are such a simply fascinating accent.


In the end, one must keep in mind that the origin of the patio itself is notably the Mediterranean. So the influence of Arabia, North Africa, and the Middle East is not only logical but inevitable. Therefore, we can quietly mix the contemporary style and the colonial one to create an artistic decor of Moroccan spirit.

Of course, you can quietly put it together with other decorative styles depending on the goals you are aiming for. The vintage furniture, artwork, and tassel chandelier above are a good example of a downright awesome bohemian stylistic mix. Layer all these elements on the warm exposed brick background, and you don’t even feel like you’re outside!

Another type of interior patio decoration that greatly impresses is the nature-inspired decor. And since we are talking about a modern interior courtyard, it is a space that does not require care, or almost. Line the patio with artificial grass for a maintenance-free nature backyard, add climbing plants and a few hanging flower pots, and voila!

Luxury interior courtyard with wellness pool and hammock

Naturally, some patio and backyard owners go beyond beauty and comfort by opting for frank luxury. Here is a good example of a high-end interior courtyard layout above that includes a superb small relaxation pool. You can also add hydromassage nozzles to enjoy a real balneotherapy experience without leaving your own patio!

Finally, if you only have one space that doesn’t even come close to a patio, play it safe and work with what you have. Do you know what is better than a closed and uncovered space? A corner protected from bad weather by an awning which can at the same time “breathe” from all sides! As usual, the rest is a matter of well-thought-out decoration!