New backyard design with HGTV

Before this backyard was a blank canvas. But the HGTV’d crew (and us) completely transformed the space in a matter of days. David of course was responsible for the design, we just helped to implement it. Check out this beautiful and beyond relaxing space!

A low maintenance space was important for this military wife who has a lot to keep up with now that her husband has left to serve some time overseas. There’s plenty of room to play, but only a small patch of grass. And that just happens to be fake grass (the stuff that fancy football fields are made of). Pretty cool, right!

Here’s the outdoor dining area complete with zinc topped table and super cool metal chairs.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive thing in the back yard is this incredible fire pit/water fall feature. So sleek and cool! What a fantastic focal point!

Another thing I really loved was this wall of lanterns that Tim worked on. I imagine when they are lit up at night, it is absolutely gorgeous!