Red dots and pimples after waxing: what to do to avoid them?

Hair removal is more or less aggressive for the dermis. It doesn’t matter whether you wax or shave. The skin becomes hot and tight. Sometimes ingrown hairs and red dots appear. Followers of homemade depilatory wax, electric depilatory, and classic razor, here are some good tips to adopt so that pimples after waxing do not land in force on your legs, arms, mustache, or any other area of ​​the skin. Body.

Why do we have redness and pimples after waxing?

Once the pain of hair removal (especially when you wax or electric depilatory) has passed, an unpleasant sensation persists on the skin: redness, tightness, white spots, itching, ingrown hairs, etc. Rest assured! Our experts are unanimous on the subject: this is a completely normal skin reaction. Red dots and pimples after waxing result from inflammation of the skin because it has been attacked by tearing out the hairs. Usually, this discomfort goes away after a few days. But upstream, there are tips and actions to adopt to avoid (or reduce) pimples. We tell you everything! Follow the guide!

How to avoid pimples and redness after waxing the body?

By removing its hair with wax (or an electric epilator), the superficial skin layers are removed in the process. Despite the precautions taken (temperature side of the wax applied), irritation may appear on the body. This is why it is said that good hair removal necessarily involves good preparation of the skin. Depending on its nature, we opt for a natural and gentle homemade scrub at least once a week to eliminate dead skin and refine the dermis so that the hairs come out more easily. In short, you have to get in condition because there is no point in waxing if you do it in a hurry. The more comfortable you feel, the less likely you are to see ingrown hairs and pimples.

How to avoid pimples after waxing the bikini line and underarms?

How does wax avoid the appearance of pimples and redness on the bikini area and underarms? We proceed methodically! For this purpose, wash with lukewarm water using a lotion suitable for the area in question. Then, we move on to a gentle exfoliation to prepare the skin for hair removal. In case of hair that is a little too long, we prune before epilating. Suppose you use a razor, no need to shave against the direction of hair growth. We remind you that this gesture promotes the appearance of white pimples and ingrown hairs. The right post-waxing gesture? Spray the area with a stream of cold water to reduce the pain. To fight against burns, apply a little natural body butter alcohol and fragrance-free. After all, if spots and pimples appear, we put on baby powder.

How to avoid pimples after facial hair removal?

When it comes to facial hair removal, we speak in particular of the eyebrows or mustache. And after removing the down, the skin wants to be attacked, and small white or red dots appear. It must therefore be well prepared beforehand. How to do it? A small gentle exfoliation (performed the day before) is enough to avoid this type of inconvenience. The next day, we wax with small strips of cold wax suitable for the area. We remind you that these tools must be carefully disinfected after each use—ditto for the razor- for fans of the epilator or tweezers. Last but not least, makeup within 24 hours of waxing should be avoided.

How to avoid pimples after waxing

Increased sensitivity, redness, irritation, infected pimples, friction, dilation of the veins… are just some of the effects that depilatory wax produces when applied to your skin. These reactions are usually because the hair follicles in which the hairs are located are inflamed. However, this is easily regulated. The most effective solutions? It has been said over and over again, before each epilation, exfoliation must be carried out. Likewise, a wax test on a small area of ​​the skin is required. Thus, one can check the temperature of the liquid and whether it causes a reaction. And although it is sometimes difficult to let your hairs grow, it is an effective gesture against skin inflammation after waxing. As for post-depilation care, the affected area is relieved with a thermal water spray. Another possibility to soothe the skin “fire”? Ice cubes! Good hydration is also essential. So make way for natural care based on aloe vera!

What to do with infected pimples after waxing?

If despite your best efforts, pimples appear, they should be monitored. As already said, they tend to disappear after a few days. Otherwise, you may have ingrown hair. In this case, performing a gentle and regular exfoliation must dislodge it and avoid possible infection. If, however, the discomfort persists, it is best to consult a dermatologist.