stay cozy and hand carved stamps tutorial


pencil paper

speedball cutter

linoleum block ( also called a soft block)

I think linoleum blocks (soft block) might be something you can try.

here is s’ drawing. s is a dalmatian lover! all the pups she draws are with spots. I just made these stamps for her this morning. it is really easy and you can do it in no time.

use the pencil to reverse the images onto the linoleum block. the linoleum block picks up the pencil really quick and I used Speedball’s cutter to cut the images off.

followed the line that you transferred. keep in mind, you would want to keep the lines you drew and cut off the whites.

I did a rough cut first then…

then i inked the stamp on the ink, so I can see what need to be clear off.

there you have the self-carved stamp.