Studio renovation ideas to create the illusion of a larger space

Indeed, many homeowners are faced with the problem of the lack of square meters in their small studio type apartments. The way out of this situation can be a redevelopment, after which the miniature surface will be transformed and include areas for work, meals and rest. The studio renovation will not only allow you to update the design of your home according to the latest interior design trendsbut also to offer all family members good living conditions. It may seem like an easy task at first glance, but in reality it is not. Zoning of the dwelling into distinct functional parts is only possible if there is a previously prepared and approved project. If you want to give the illusion that your studio is more spacious than it actually is, look no further. Check out these ideas for small apartments!

How to optically enlarge the surface thanks to a well-thought-out studio renovation?


1. If necessary, do not hesitate to remove the dividing walls

1. In most studios, the bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room occupy one large space, but there are sometimes exceptions. For example, if there is a wall that intersects the room in an undesirable manner, consult an architecture and renovation professional to see if it can be knocked down. This will open up your house and increase the line of sight so that it extends to the end of the space, which will make your studio appear more airy. In addition, it is very easy to find the best craftsman for your interior projects online, by consulting specialized sites like hemea.

2. Wall paint in a light shade

When it comes to walls, darkness is never a good idea as it always makes a space appear smaller. Paint your walls white, creamy white or a pastel shade to capture and reflect natural light. Keep all of the colors in the room coordinated and harmonized and banish separate, clashing shades.

Just like you would the walls, keep your kitchen area bright as well. Opt for white cabinets and appliances, neutral or light-colored worktops, and table lamps or transparent fixtures to give your small apartment the illusion of being bigger.

3. Optimize artificial lighting

It is quite rare that the windows can be made larger and almost impossible to add a skylight during a studio renovation. So if you’ve done all you can to bring in natural light (bright walls, curtains, or matching blinds), make sure you scatter enough artificial light sources to ‘open up’ the room and make it appear more. spacious.

4. De-clutter the floor and other surfaces

Add floating shelves to free up your space of those decorations, knick knacks and other small items that end up looking messy on the coffee table or kitchen counter. In addition, kitchen cabinets do not often go up to the ceiling. If changing them is not an option, then use the precious extra centimeters of wall storage: this will increase the space.

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, use wall-mounted faucets rather than recessed ones to free up sinks. And let’s not forget the toilets: save a little more space by installing a wall-hung toilet rather than putting it down. Likewise, favor round models instead of elongated ones.

Finally, adding legs to the furniture creates the illusion of a lot of empty space below, making the room appear larger. And if you elevate it significantly, that gives you more storage space, which every small apartment owner craves.


5. Raised or fold-away beds

Buying or building a raised bed to maximize the square footage below is both a solution for space and storage issues. In the same context, Murphy beds are the pieces par excellence for any small apartment. The idea of ​​folding a bed over a wall or a storage cupboard not only saves meters but also transforms the whole place, giving you more than one option to arrange the rest of the furniture.

6. Bet on mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, so if you want to make an open floor plan look more expansive, hang them everywhere. Also, standard sliding closet doors can be replaced with mirrors to achieve the same effect. Finally, install a massive mirror, from one wall to the other.

7. Dark colored floor

Brighter usually means bigger in the context of studio renovations. However, when it comes to flooring, you have to do the opposite. The dark floor in combination with a light wall paint gives a space a wider appearance. So think of a cool color for the walls (maybe a pastel blue) and a rug or dark solid wood flooring (cherry, oak or walnut). Another trick is to place the flooring diagonally; this creates an optical illusion so that the widest part of the pattern is what you first see when entering the room.

8. Splitting Up Your Space

You can “split” the studio into two distinct areas, one area for cooking and dining and one for living and sleeping. The kitchen island became the main divider between the two spaces.