Trip Planning – Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Trip planning can be so exciting. Picking your destination and planning all the activities can be so much fun. You’ve put a lot of time into finding cheap flights, booking the perfect hotel, and packing all your favorite things! Yes, this is a trip you have been looking forward to for a long time. Don’t let these seven things happen to you.

1. Check your Passport expiration!

Did you know that if your passport is due to expire in 6 months, you can and will be refused entry into another country! Make sure you know when your passport expires and if your close to that expiration date, renew immediately before planning or purchasing your airline tickets!

2. What Visa?

There are a lot of countries that require visas upon entry, even for a short vacation. Make sure you check before you purchase your airline tickets. Nothing ruins a trip more than not being allowed entry and having to return home!

3. Currency doesn’t leave home without it!

Always check the currency exchange rates before you leave for your trip. Don’t wait till you get to the airport or your destination because rates can cost you a bundle more. You can save money by going to your bank or currency exchange places before you leave for your trip. Did you know ATM’s are not always available when you need them? Or that Airport Currency Exchange gives you the worst rates. Also, when using your card in ATMs or direct sales, you get an international processing fee on top of your charges. Finally, keep in mind some taxi only accept cash.

4. Pack your carry on carefully

Make sure you know what you can and cannot bring on your carry on. So many people get stopped through security and end up having to throw away quite a bit of stuff on top of being delayed to the gate. #1 tip, make sure everything liquid or soft solid goes in a plastic bag! You can even get stopped at security for not having your chapstick put in plastic, which as happened to me, true story!

5. Pick your seat

Don’t assume that because all your tickets were purchased together that you will be sitting together! Once you are all booked, make sure to get back and look at the seat assignment, and if you’re not happy where you are sitting, make sure you get your seats picked quickly before they are all taken up. Make sure to watch out and avoid additional travel fees when booking your flights as well.

6. Boozing back to the USA from Duty-Free

Repack your booze or liquid items in your checked bags upon entrance to the USA. Did you know that the US makes you go through customs on a port of entry? You are then required to go through security again before you can get to your connecting flight. TSA rules stand even if purchased at duty-free, so No liquids! Take those items out of your carry on and repack them in your luggage!

7. Check your destinations seasons not only the weather

Don’t let a rainy or monsoon season ruin your trip. Make sure you know what the seasons are before booking your trip and check the weather before you leave!

Have a safe and happy trip!