Tutorial: felt monogram pillow

Happy Monday! I am finally getting back into some creative time, so look for some new stuff from me soon. I have four or five things in the works right now, so it is just a matter of finishing a few things up, photographing, editing, and writing the posts. Okay, so maybe it will be a few days…

I was the one who suggested to Rachel that we swap blogs for the day. I also suggested that we do our take on making the same thing. I may have also suggested pillows. (I sure do sound pushy, don’t I?) What was I thinking when I suggested pillows? I only have myself to blame for the afternoon of frustration I had while working on this project. I barely know how to sew so I don’t know why I suggested it. I should have just spray painted an existing pillow (isn’t that what you do in blog world? spray paint everything?).

I finally decided on a felt monogram pillow.

It ended up turning out ok, but lets just say I got friendly with my stitch picker thing. See? Not a seamstress, so don’t expect anything technical here.

I got this fabulous mustard colored felt at JoAnn’s. It is sold on the bolt in the fabric section and is 35% wool so it is really sturdy. I cut out 2 14″ squares, and another small piece to cut the monogram out of.

To get the “pattern” for my monogram, I just used Word and picked a font I liked.

When I had my letter the size I wanted, I taped a piece of paper over my screen and carefully traced it (you don’t want to poke a hole in your screen).

No wasted ink, which is great since I only remember to buy ink for the printer about once a year.

Cut out your monogram, trace onto your felt face down, and cut out.

Once you have your monogram cut out, pin in to where you want it on your pillow.

This is where I started having some trouble. It took a bit of practice for me to carefully stitch around the m and I got to pick out stitches four or five times.

I managed to get it mostly right, but see that last leg of the m over on the right? It is sitting just a little higher than the rest of the m. You live, you learn. Next time, spray paint. I am only halfway kidding…

Pin your pillow sides together, sew, and stuff.

It turned out really pretty, despite my issues. If you are a talented sewer, I bet you could finish this project in under an hour. I think these would make great newlywed or Christmas gifts. Easy, inexpensive, and personal. Perfect.