100 Best DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

How to Start a Fairy Garden from Crafts by Amanda

Magical Lights in the Fairy Garden from Little Tudor on the Prairie

Magical DIY Fairy House Planter from Crafts Unleashed

Affordable Fairy Garden from Mommy Moments

Tiered Terra Cotta Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Flower Pot Miniature Fairy Garden from By Stephanie Lynn

Broken Pot Fairy Garden from J & J Acres

Stacked Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Broken Pot Fairy Garden from Buzzfeed

Step by Step Fairy Garden Tutorial from Joann’s Blog

Beach Fairy Garden from Jolene’s Gardening

Fairy Garden with Mermaid from Home Talk

Cave Fairy Garden with Mermaid from Youtube

Beach Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Beach Fairy Garden with Water and Flamingos (source unknown)

Cute Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

Fairy Garden from Creamer Chronicles

Easy DIY Fairy Garden from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Terra Cotta Fairy Garden from Purely from the Heart

DIY Fairy Garden from Aidie’s Hideaway

Fairy Garden with Mossy Roofed House (source unknown)

Wheel Barrel Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Fairy Garden in a Barrel Planter from My Frugal Adventures

Fairy Garden Orb (source unknown)
Here is a tutorial for how to make the grapevine balls. Adding the twinkle lights would make it extra magical! Just cut a hole of the ball and add your fairy accessories

Magical Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

Thrifted Bird Bath Fairy Garden from See Vanessa Craft

Teacup Fairy Garden from The Magic Onion

Welcome Village from The Magic Onions

Fairies In The Garden from A Cuppa Tea With Me

DIY Planter Fairy Garden from Life Creatively Organized

Fairy Tree House (source unknown)

Large Fairy Village from Fairy Gardens

Container Fairy Garden with Colorful Banner (source unknown)

Wicker Basket Fairy Garden from Echoes of Laughter

Bonsai Tree Fairy Garden from Lil Blue Boo

Wood Box Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Fairy Garden in Hanging Planter from Dollar Tree

DIY Planter Fairy Garden from I Heart Nap Time

Wheel Barrel Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Pinecone Fairy House from A Little Fur in the Paint

Succulent Fairy Garden from Crafts Unleashed

Stone Fairy Garden (source unknown)

Miniature Fairy Garden (Video Tutorial) from AkameruKawaii

Fairy Garden in a Wagon from Minnie’s Milestones

Fairy Garden with a Patio from 625 Cruse Avenue

DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

Acorn Lantern Fairy “Light”

Magical Doorway from DIY Network

Twig and Twine Ladder from Juise

Fairy Gems from Little Monster

Bridge Over Water from Juise

Fairy Garden Clothesline
tulle ribbon + mini clothespins + cotton twine + decorative hair pins

Fairy Clothesline
thick twigs + twine + min clothespins + fabric scraps + DIY toadstools (see below) + wood slices

Wood Fence and Hammock from The Magic Onion
twigs + wood glue + thread + fabric scrap

Flower Fairies from Lemon Zest

Solar Powered Fairy House from Creative Green Living

DIY Jar Mushroom House from Practik Ideas

DIY Stone Fairy House (source unknown)

Terra Cotta Fairy House
Just paint them, add fairy doors and windows

Pinecone Roof from Jennifer Decorates
This tutorial is meant for a Christmas Village but would also work for a fairy garden

Twine Beehive from DIY Fairy Gardens

Tiny Fairy Gardens from Think Crafts

Mini Toadstools from The Magic Onions

Acorn Birdhouses from Empress of Dirt

Magical Clay Toadstools from Fairy Gardens

Old Jar Into a Mushroom Fairy House from DIY & Crafts

Polymer Clay Frog from Empress of Dirt

Miniature Birds Nests from The Spruce

Fairy Mailbox

Fairy Well from Juise

Acorn Bird’s Nest from Twig and Toadstool

Fairy Garden Arbor
twigs + wood glue

Fairy Umbrella from Kiwi Co

Water Fountain

Bird Bath Fountains
scallop shells + water + glitter + food coloring + wood slice + hot glue gun + mini birds

Hot Glue Waterfall from Happiness is Crafting

Popsicle Bench from Meatloaf and Melodrama

Fairy Garden Wishing Well from Pinterest

Fairy Garden Tools from Hometalk

Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors

Recycled Plastic Bottles into Fairy Houses from Bored Panda

Stone Fairy House from Inhabitat

Flickering Fire Pit
LED tea light candle + twigs + pebbles + glue gun

Fairy Garden Chairs from Diva of DIY

Fairy Bicycles from Gardening Living

Gazing Balls

Fairy Garden Furniture from Our Beautifully Messy House

Dragonflies Using Maple Seeds & Twigs from Filth Wizardry