12 Ideas Decorate and develop your garden with recycled materials for nothing

What better place than the garden to craft and practice the art of recycling? To do good for the planet (and its wallet), nothing is thrown in, and everything is recovered. Glass jars, plastic bottles, old porcelain teapot, wooden crates, car tires, cable reels, greenery… all these objects live a second life thanks to our original ideas which will cost you absolutely nothing. So, after DIY creations in plastic bottles, here are some more ideas to decorate and develop your garden with recycled materials.

12 recycled DIY ideas for landscaping your garden with recycled materials

Of course, there is no need to spend a fortune revamping your home and creating an original and cozy exterior. The art of recycling and DIY is a great way to make a personalized decoration to die for. Whether you have a spacious garden or an X’s backyard, DIY made from recovered materials allows you to arrange the outdoor space according to its orientation and size. In addition, it also makes it possible to recycle objects that we would have thrown in the trash, to the greatest benefit of Mother Nature and her budget. And because Deavita.fr adores the concept of “second life” within the outdoor space, the editorial team shares with you a small selection of inspiring ideas for decorating and landscaping the garden with originality and at a lower cost.

Garden furniture made from recycled tires

Nothing like recycling your old car tires by turning them into garden furniture. Knitted or crocheted, round poufs have never been so fashionable. They are so nice that they promote aesthetics throughout the decor. They adapt both indoors and outdoors, are very practical in small apartments, and go wonderfully with all styles. You can easily transform them into occasional furniture (coffee table, storage stool, bedside table, etc.). Want to invite them into your garden without running into bankruptcy? Good news for all DIY enthusiasts, round ottomans love the art of DIY and recycling. An old tire, two round plywood bottoms, a sisal rope, a hot glue gun, and you are ready to start manufacturing your tire and rope stool. Another possibility? Paint your tires white and add fabric seats to them. Once painted, they can also serve as a side table. All you have to do is put a piece of glass or a decorative tray on it.

Wooden barrel transformed into a coffee table for the garden furniture.

Perfect for watering the garden when you are on vacation, the old wooden barrel can also be transformed into a side table to embellish the outdoor space. But that’s not all! The wooden barrel makes it possible to make several practical and original pieces of furniture for half nothing: ottoman, stool, hanging chair, dining table, planter, etc. Cut out, topped, or placed in the garden, it has everything to make the outdoor area more bohemian and convivial. If you have trees in your garden, take the opportunity to make a swing. An old sturdy cut barrel, fixing accessories, DIY tools, a tree with solid branches, and here is a beautiful DIY and recycled swing for young and old.

Cable reel recycled as a garden table to furnish your garden with recycled materials.

Ah, the cable drum! This large wooden spool that bends according to the desires of every experienced handyperson. In addition to allowing the electric cables to be rolled up, it also plays good tricks on the outdoor space. A few brushstrokes, colorful ropes, a tablecloth, and there you are with a new beautiful dining table. In two steps and three movements, the old reel recovered from the site becomes unparalleled designer furniture. Just install it in your garden or on your summer terrace, and voila. We assure you that it will find its place very easily. Like the poufs made from recycled tires and the barrel table, the large spool goes well with all decoration styles. In winter, she invites herself inside to give a vintage touch to the living room. Anyway, we validate!

Old scarves and sheets transformed into an original privacy screen.

When the beautiful days are coming, the balcony and the terrace become essential to relax. However, you can not always enjoy it serenely, especially when it is exposed to the curious eyes of the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are effective and inexpensive solutions to protect you from the prying eyes of passers-by. Here is one that will cost you absolutely nothing! Old sheets sewn together, transformed into luxury camping-style tent canvas. So, if you have old fabrics, scarves, sheets, or tablecloths, turn them into an original and bohemian tipi. The good trick? Assemble them with a few rubber bands and hang them from the branches of a tree. Under the canvas, arrange a rug, floor cushions, lanterns, storage baskets, and enjoy the sunny days in the company of your family without worrying about curious looks from neighbors. For a chic gypsy decor in the garden, cut the sheets and scarves into ribbons and attach them to iron circles. Here are original and bohemian mobiles!

Mason type glass jar luminaire to decorate your garden with recycled materials

The cans and glass jars are your allies in terms of deco garden Recycling. Hanging on an iron circle or a wooden board, these containers become a unique luminaire, original and simply ideal for lighting the outdoor space without spending around. For a subdued light in the garden, get empty wine bottles, old glass yogurt pots, or other containers found on a flea market, put candles or fairy lights on them, and hang them using twine.

Old stepladder diverted into a mini vertical garden.

A good alternative to the wooden pallet? The wooden stepladder, of course! Cleaned, sanded, and repainted (or left as is), the painter’s ladder makes a superb bespoke storage cabinet. The garden houses several essential items for the outdoor organization: gardening tools, flower pots, blankets, cushions, etc. Do not hesitate to dress with several greens and objects found on a flea market for a jungle effect. Inside, the recuperating stepladder becomes an excellent place to store your aromatic herbs.

Vintage porcelain and vegetalized teapot

What to do with an old enamel colander or an old porcelain teapot? Already do not throw it away. Rather than letting it gather dust, could you give it a second life in the garden? A good wash, a few holes, and a little upcycling, and your old kitchen containers are instantly transformed into pretty original flowerpots. A few brush strokes are enough to give a new look to all those containers that your attic and garage abound. They are perfect for accommodating your greenery and for giving a playful, personalized, and subtly offbeat note to the reclaimed garden.

Woven baskets used as plant pots

Are you looking for an idea of ​​practical storage, decoration, and recovery at the same time? From simple storage space to a designer planter, You can find the round basket in all the rooms of the house to become an ally of choice when combining practicality and style! Now it finds its place in the garden. Available in several volumes and different shapes, woven baskets allow you to store your personal belongings and slip a plant. To enhance your reclaimed garden decoration, know that the African basket likes accumulation. So do not hesitate to multiply your baskets by mounting them on wooden crates or by hanging them on the branches of a tree to enhance your hanging flowering plants.

Rake head as wall storage for landscaping your garden with recycled materials

Succulents in an old birdcage

Original and eco-friendly bird feeder in a glass jar

Wine boxes as vegetable planters