25+ Organization Ideas For Home (Dollar Store Organizing Hacks For Storage)

Dollar store kitchen organization

1. Wire cabinets on top of your cabinets

A timeless solution to keep your kitchen looking nice and tidy within a budget is to add wire baskets on the top of your cabinets. You can likely find these at your local Dollar Tree or the clearance section of a department store like Target.

I love how Elsie from A Beautiful Mess added wire baskets for her glass bottles on the top of her kitchen cabinet for extra storage space.

It looks nice, simple and clean — that’s a quick and easy fix! 🙂

2. Cutting board storage hack

Image from That’s What She Said

Need more storage space for your cutting boards but not sure where to put them when your countertops are occupied and your cabinet drawers are full?

This dollar store hack makes a fast and cost-effective solution when you need more space. Easily assemble and screw this basket wire behind your kitchen cabinets and you’re good to go!

Source: That’s What She Said – Cutting Board Storage Solution

3. Magazine baskets for paper plates, napkins, and other paper goods

Image from Organizing Made Fun


Do you have party paper plates, napkins and other paper goods lying around? This dollar store magazine file tray makes a great storage solution.

You can purchase several of them in different colors and place them vertically in your cabinets for easy access.

Source: Organizing Made Fun – RV Organizing And Storage Hack For Small Space

4. Towel bar for your pots and pans

Image from Good House Keeping

Too many pots and pans? Not enough storage space in your kitchen cabinets?

Not a problem!

You can always buy a towel bar at your local dollar store (or you can always choose to buy one that’s a little more expensive) and install it at the side of your kitchen cabinets. Alternatively, you could find these for more than 50% off at the clearance section of your local Target store or even Amazon online.

If you want a pretty accent for a bit of pop, you can choose to spray paint the towel bar in a different color like gold, copper or jet black.

Source: Good House Keeping – How To Organize Pots and Pans

5. Glass jars and contact paper

Image from Creative Green Living

Anyone a glass jar hoarder?

I confess that I’ve saved a ton of spaghetti sauce glass jars over the years. The beauty is they do come in handy for organizing stuff in your kitchen.

Alternatively, you could also purchase affordable Mason Jars or find them at your local Dollar Tree or Dollarama if you can’t find any jars at home.

For a quick finish, make your kitchen space or pantry nice and pretty by adding pretty labels on the front of your jars with contact paper.

Source: Creative Green Living – Organize Your Pantry with Glass Jars and Contact Paper

6. DIY spice racks using $1 cooling racks

Image from The Stonybrook House

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend?

Drop by your local dollar store and pick up some wire cooling racks. You can create your own DIY spice rack with this dollar store hack.

This makes additional storage behind your pantry doors plus it’s easy to access all the spices you need. This simple budget-friendly project definitely looks tidy and well organized!

Source: The Stonybrook House – Easy $1 DIY Spice Racks

7. Cutlery Drawer Organization

Image from The Elm Life

These cute dollar store basket organizers will separate your spoons, knives, forks and other cutleries. Make them look nice and organized in one place.

Never will you have trouble digging through your kitchen drawers looking for the perfect cutlery. Whether it’s small, medium, or large, you’ll be able to easily find the one you want instantly!

Source: The Elm Life – Cutlery Drawer Organization

8. Organize your cookie cutters with Ziploc

Image from The Rosemary House

Do you have a ton of cookie cutters for each special occasion or season such as Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, etc.?

Here’s a simple solution…

The classic Ziploc bag!

Who said Ziplocs were only used for packing sandwiches, crackers, sliced fruits, and veggies?

Once you organize your cookie cutters into categories, you can easily store them away in a storage box or bin.

Source: The Rosemary House – Cookie Cutters Organized

9. Storage for your magazine cookbooks

Image from Mad in Crafts

Can’t seem to get rid of your collection of magazines and binders filled with recipe ideas?

Adding a few low-cost magazine holders close to your kitchen space can help keep your cookbooks, magazines, and binders looking organized and tidy.

Source: Mad in Crafts – Simple Cooking Magazine Organization

10. Budget-friendly decorative basket

Image from Cosmopolitan

Go ahead and grab one of these decorative baskets for your towels and linens.

You can also mount hooks onto your walls and hang wicker baskets that look similar to these ones for more bathroom storage mentioned in the next point. There’s never too much storage for toilet paper especially when you buy them in bulk during a big sale! 😉

Source: Cosmopolitan – Genius Bathroom Organization Hacks

11. Window boxes for bathroom storage

Image from Home Talk

This is a genius idea and one of my favorite budget-friendly bathroom hacks for home.

All you need is a few sets of hooks and baskets and you’re good to go!

You can choose from low-budget baskets at the dollar store to a little more expensive ones from your home decor store.

Source: Home Talk – Window Boxes For Bathroom Storage

12. Wire basket for easy access to storage on your vanity countertop

Image from Home Talk

These wire baskets make a great and easy solution for easy access to things you use most often. That includes your toothpaste, lotion, cotton pads, cotton balls, and hand towels.

You could also throw all your most used makeup items lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. into these small wire baskets — your place won’t look messy at all when they’re organized into their little space.

I personally own many of these because you can’t go wrong with them especially when they cost only a few dollars.

Source: Home Talk – Organizing With Dollar Store Bins

13. A wire file box for your bathroom appliances

This file box bathroom appliance box is a simple and clever idea! It makes the perfect storage for your hairdryer, flat iron or curler any day.

I really like this because it’s convenient to grab for use. Once you’re done, you can easily store away.

14. Dollar store trash bin makeover

Image from Two It Yourself

This is a nice and cute wastebasket that you can make for fun as a weekend project. You can buy any random bin from the dollar store and cover it with rope to give it a quick facelift.

Source: Two It Yourself – Dollar Store Trash Bin Makeover

15. Under the sink organizers for just dollars

Image from Amy Newnostalgia

Do you hate all that clutter underneath your kitchen sink or bathroom vanity?

I know it drives me nuts all the time!

With a cheap curtain rod, some wire baskets, and a few storage baskets from your local dollar store, the clutter in your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities will look organized again.

Source: Amy Newnostalgia – Under The Kitchen Sink Organization

16. Add a second shower rod for extra storage

Image from Good House Keeping

Already got a shower caddy but need extra space for your other bathroom essentials?

Go ahead and add an extra curtain rod with S hooks in your shower. You could even use those hooks to hang a few dollar store baskets for more storage space. You’ll have more than enough room to put your shampoo, body soap, and razors inside!

Source: Good House Keeping – Bathroom Organizing Hacks

17. Dollar Tree bathroom organization

Image from Homemade Ginger

What another clever idea!

Grab a couple of hooks and storage bins with handles from your dollar store. It’s nice to have a little extra space for your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and a few bath toys for your kids.

The good thing is you can easily hang as many baskets as you like on your tiled bath walls!

Source: Homemade Ginger – Dollar Tree Bathroom Organization

18. DIY dollar store trays with candlelight holder

Image from Homed It

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the different colored nail polishes and tiny lotion bottles lying around?

Go to your local dollar store and grab two trays and a candlelight holder for your next mini DIY project.

For just a few bucks, you can create an elegant-looking storage tray stand that will make your guests think it was from an expensive place!

Source: Homed It – 5 Ultra-Feminine Bathroom DIYs

19. DIY dollar store serving tray

Image from Cutefetti

Here’s another brilliant and pretty DIY dollar store hack you need to try!

You can use it to store a few bathroom essentials or use it to place other home goods for a different room. As you can see in the beautiful image, this quick DIY project makes a nice serving tray for your remote controls.

Source: Cutefetti – Pinterest Remake: DIY Serving Tray

20. DIY Makeup Storage Box

Image from Peachfizzz

This crafty idea is brilliant and super cute! Not to mention, it doesn’t cost a dime to make either.

You can recycle and reuse boxes you have from home to create a pretty little storage box for your makeup.

But if you don’t have the material, you can drop by the dollar store to grab a few pretty storage paper boxes like these.

I think it’s a bonus if you already have boxes like the ones from Kate Spade — they’re super sturdy and look fancy. 🙂

Source: Peachfizzz – How To Make This DIY Make Up Storage Box

21. DIY gold animal jars

Image from Bang On Style Blog

This makes another great weekend DIY project!

Who can resist these gorgeous gold animal jars? It definitely makes a great storage space for your makeup and other “girly” essentials!

All you need are jars (either cheap mason jars or leftover spaghetti jars), a few plastic toys, leftover spray paint from home, and some glue.

You can follow the instructions in the source below to make your own.

Source: Bang On Style Blog – DIY Gold Animal Jars

22. Dollar store makeup drawer organizer with velcro stick

Image from Tatertots & Jello

Just like organizing your kitchen drawers of utensils, this same dollar store hack does the trick for a closet full of makeup and cream in your bathroom vanity.

You can find wire basket containers like these at your local dollar store or the clearance rack at Target.

To add another hack, Jen from Tatertos & Jellow purchased an adhesive velcro pack for the bottom of her baskets. This will keep your storage in place without having your baskets slide around.

Source: Tatertos & Jello – Drawer Organization in 15 Minutes That Won’t Slide Around

23. DIY hanging organizer for beauty supplies

Image from Glamour

I found this brilliant DIY beauty hack from Glamour.com with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make your own.

The image shows the Ikea Fintorp utensil holder, which is still budget-friendly. But you can always drop by the dollar store or the clearance rack of your local department store for something that looks similar.

Look for metal baskets with end hooks that allow you to attach the rope string.

Source: Glamour – How To DIY a Chic Hanger For Your Makeup Supplies

24. Ice cube tray for your accessories

Image from Yesterday On Tuesday

I found this lovely idea and image on Malia’s blog, Yesterday On Tuesday.

She repurposed an old ice cube tray and turned it into an earring holder to keep her jewelry neat and organized.

How brilliant is that?

You can also easily run to the dollar store or Walmart to pick up a few if you don’t have any extra ones lying around the home.

Source: Yesterday On Tuesday – 7 Smart Dollar Organizing

25. Dollar store jewelry organizer

Image from Adorable Antics

Do you have a lot of favorite jewelry pieces that you just keep wearing over and over again?

This simple dollar store jewelry organizer hack can solve your problem!

You can pick up these accordion hooks from the Dollar Tree and start hanging your most-used necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Not only does this organize your pieces nicely, but it also makes a beautiful decorative piece on your wall or inside your closet door.

Source: Adorable Antics – Cheap Dollar Store Jewelry Organizer

26. Repurpose frame to hang your keys (or small jewelry)

Image from Red Fly Creations

Okay, so this dollar store hack or DIY project isn’t related to beauty but I decided to slip this in because I thought it was too cool to miss!

I mean, look how pretty that looks!

Instead of hanging keys, you can always use this to hang your favorite go-to earrings or bracelets! 🙂

You can choose to either repurpose an old photo frame or pick one up from the dollar store. Add some tiny gold hooks for the small things you’d like to hang.

Check out the source below to see a step-by-step instruction on how to tackle this budget-friendly project.

Source: Red Fly Creations – Frame a Place To Hang Your Keys