25 pretty flower nail art designs for every season and every mood

25 flower nail art designs that help you create a pretty nature-inspired manicure

If you have already booked your visit to the manicurist, but you have not yet chosen a design for your nails, we are here to help. In the spring spirit we will show you a wonderful photo gallery that will inspire you to adopt the floral style. So, if logo nails are not your cup of tea, choose from these 25 photos with flower nail art and follow our tips on how to wear them well.

25 pretty flower nail art designs for every season and every mood

There are so many designs and styles of flowers that we are sure each of you can find nail art that best represents your character. We’ve rounded up 25 trendy ideas that you can easily wear not just in spring, but all year round. You will see that certain trends are repeating themselves, in particular the “milky nails” look that has been with us for some time and translucent nails with a little touch of color. Both are the perfect backdrop for your flower nail art. Whether you are the DIY type or know a talented manicurist, here you will find something to inspire you for every season and every mood.

Multicolored nails decorated with flowers


Go multicolored for the ultimate party look. This nail decoration which mixes blue, orange, yellow and gradient white is a perfect model for spring, as well as for summer festivals. You can also bet on the French design with mini multicolored flowers that decorate the tips of your nails.

Multi-colored manicures are perfect for you if you have oval, almond, stiletto, or ballerina shaped nails. This means that they are not recommended for short nails. It is also good to combine them with a solid color outfit. Thus, you will bring out your little jewels.

Flower nail art in delicate and romantic style

If you love the idea of ​​floral nails, but don’t want anything too flashy, these subtle floral nails are perfect for you. This design is also known as “milk bath nails” . It perfectly combines small dried flowers and a milky white varnish. The result arguably makes a sophisticated and super delicate statement. In addition, this milky nail art goes well with long nails as well as short nails.

The minimalist design that is always in vogue

Depending on the color, you can adapt this minimalist design to every season and every occasion. It is simple, but elegant and, moreover, truly versatile. This flower nail art adapts to every nail shape and the geometric patterns can even lengthen your fingers. Just take into account that the black branches must be done in super fine lines to emphasize this ultra feminine look. You can also add light silver highlights which is a chic look all year round.

Almond nails in pop color

Brighten up your spring outfit with flower nail art in pop color. Choose your favorite shade and combine it with neon makeup that really hits the web this year. So create a gorgeous floral design on one nail for a standout seasonal design or mix multiple shades together for a more extravagant, girly, and fun look. Small sprays of white on the orange and purple background is another DIY project for beginner nail artisans.

Bet on the trendy colors of the year 2021

These brightly colored floral nails with dark delicate contours remind us of sunny days and make us see life in pink. You are never going to make a mistake with the trendy colors 2021 , especially if you bet on pink in all its shades. You can combine this nail art with pink sneakers and matching lipstick. The pink blazer   also goes well with this pop manicure.

One line style abstract flowers

Abstract nails are one of the biggest trends of the year 2021 . Their best part is that you can find multiple designs in the form of stickers. So, you don’t have to be Picasso to achieve this modern look.

Scroll down to find more beautiful ideas for flower nail art.

A discreet design in powder pink

A mysterious design with motifs of flowers and insects

Recreate a bouquet of flowers on your almond nails

Hawaiian flowers in blue on short nails

Minimalist daisies on short nails

Mini-flowers in various colors

Red tulips are great for spring floral nail art

Matte nail decoration with colored leaves and lines that emphasize its square shape

An ultra feminine and refined look on oval shaped nails 

Nail art flower in red on oval nails

Minimalist flower nail art in black on square nails

A wonderful flower garden in various shades of blue 

For a special occasion add extra shine

Bring out the flowers on your nails using a nude base

Matte nails with multicolored flowers