How to choose a pillow

How to choose a pillow to sleep and live well, and what are the priority criteria?

A quote attributed to Miguel de Cervantes says: “Blessed is he who invented sleep! “. Rest is necessary for the proper functioning of the organism and the excellent generation of cells. Although it is sometimes mistakenly considered a waste of time, good sleep is essential for good health. As a result, poor sleep certainly has consequences on concentration, can cause irritability and fatigue. To sleep well and take advantage of the therapeutic qualities of sleep, it is necessary to define a particular routine before going to bed, for example: having an approximate bedtime, avoiding screens (phone, tablet, television), avoiding overeating heavy, etc. Without a doubt, finding your sleep routine helps ensure quality sleep. So far, so good, but there are more criteria to take into account. To start the day on the right foot, choosing the bedding that suits us is crucial. From the box spring, through the mattress, to the pillow – every detail must be considered. Once the bed base and mattress, another important question remains open: how to choose a pillow? We present to your attention a handy reference guide summarizing the advantages that the perfect pillow has and the selection criteria that should not be underestimated.

How to choose your pillow according to the way you sleep

To answer the question “how to choose your pillow? “, First of all, you have to wonder about the way she sleeps. This criterion determines the comfort level of the sleeper. That’s why it is never taken lightly. So, ergonomic pillows prove to be the best choice in terms of the level of comfort they offer, and they adapt to all requirements, regardless of the position during the night. How to choose your pillow if you sleep on your stomach? If this is the case, experts advise favoring a soft-down pillow because it prevents the sleeper from being arched during sleep.

Those who sleep on their side are advised to use a medium or ergonomic pillow. By daring it, we could be sure to benefit from an adequate alignment between the spine and the neck. If you sleep on your back, choosing a rather firm, medium, or ergonomic pillow would be better.

Choose your pillow according to the filling.

The filling is the other basic criterion that gives us the answer to the question: “How to choose your pillow? And “Should we trust what the labels tell us?”. ” In general, there are two types of upholstery – natural and synthetic. Here’s a rundown on the benefits of both.
• Natural filling turns out to be the most common. Down and feathers are included in the natural group, and with good reason. In addition to evacuating moisture accumulated during sleep, these fillings offer natural flexibility while following the sleeper’s movements. Cozy in winter and cool in summer, there’s nothing like a natural pillow for a comfortable sleep.

• The synthetic filling is perfectly suited to allergy sufferers. This type of ear is mostly made of latex, which is naturally elastic and provides enveloping support. Easy to maintain, such a pillow is ventilated, anti-mite and anti-fungal. The other type includes memory foam pillows. These adapt perfectly to the morphology of the frame, returning to their initial shape with each movement. These pillows are recommended for people with back and neck pain.

How to choose your pillow – what shapes and why?

Do you want to know how to choose your pillow and what is the recommended shape? The comfort of a pillow is very personal. When it comes to choosing the shape, the two most common are the square and the rectangle. The square pillow, generally 60 × 60 cm and 65 × 65 cm, has established itself as the standard. But, depending on individual preferences for optimal comfort, one can get a rectangular pillow in sizes 40 × 60 and 50 × 70. The rectangle format is also perfect for better supporting the cervical vertebrae, and it is recommended for people who move a lot during the night.

How to choose your pillow, and how to maintain it?

Regarding the maintenance of a pillow, You should change it approximately every two years to preserve all of its characteristics. Most ears are machine washable, and 40 ° C is expected for pillows with natural padding and 60 ° C for synthetic padding. It would be best if you also ventilated your pillow regularly between each wash. In summer, it is left in direct sunlight, and winter, in the dry cold.

Sleeping on an unsuitable pillow can seriously disturb sleep and have many negative health consequences. Since most people spend almost 8 hours with their head on the pillow, their choice is still essential for quality sleep.

There are actually several rules to follow to find the perfect pillow. Specialty stores now offer a huge variety of fillings, memory foam pillows, comforters, bouncers, squares, rectangles, etc., not to mention the price differences. But the buyer already has the opportunity to try on the favorite pillow in the store itself to ensure the comfort of the product in question. And since there is no exact science to learning how to choose a pillow, it’s always useful to look at a handy guide that summarizes the most important selection criteria.