Balcony light garland – how to create a serene corner without too much effort?

In recent years, interior designers have proven that string lights are not just for winter parties. Thanks to the “hygge” fashion, which represents a super cozy decoration of Scandinavian origin, these small decorative elements quickly became a must-have even during the summer. This is exactly the theme of our article of the day – the balcony fairy lights. So, we’ll show you several ways to brighten up your outdoor space with easy DIY ideas using makeshift materials. You will also find various ways to hang them and combine them to create a little oasis in your home. Go for it!

How to decorate your balcony with a light garland?

Adding lighting to your balcony is a great way to extend your evenings outside to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and warm temperatures. A well-decorated space creates a warm atmosphere, ideal for resting after work. Forget about social media, the smartphone, and the laptop… Instead, prepare yourself a colorful salad platter, open a bottle of wine, light a few candles and your fairy lights, and invite your friends over. It’s cool, isn’t it !? Who wouldn’t love an evening like this ?!

What type of light garland to choose?

Basically, there are three types of string lights:

  • battery operated light string
  • electric light garland
  • solar fairy lights

If you have a sunny balcony, we advise you to bet on the eco-responsible version, which uses sunlight. It allows a speedy installation without cables to bring. But if you have, for example, a northern exposure, it will be better to choose a battery-powered or electric garland if you have an external contact.

Is light important?

The color of the light is perhaps the most important detail when choosing a light source. On the one hand, if you want to create a really relaxed corner, you will need a warm light. With its yellow color, it is generally more relaxing. On the other hand, it is the white light that is cooler. It is stronger and illuminates more. That is why we advise you to use it if you have a spacious roof terrace or balcony. There is one more option – regardless of the light, you can soften it by coloring the bulbs in the garland. To create this pop decoration, you need to get a special heat-resistant glass paint. Also, be aware of halogen bulbs, which you should never touch. Otherwise, you risk them jumping.

Which design to favor?

On the design side, you must match the choice with the style of your outdoor furniture. If you have a rather hygge balcony, you should therefore bet on an outdoor light garland made from natural materials such as paper. As for the colors, it will be better to choose a vanilla decoration or another light shade. The colored accent, in this case, is the green plants.

If your balcony is decorated in a contemporary or industrial style, the black wire garland will be ideal. Hanging in the air will complement the outdoor decor during the days, and once the sun goes down, it will disappear with the emphasis on the light bulbs. Thus, you will have a small private sky covered with stars.

Okay, a huge variety of balcony garlands are impossible to describe all in one article, but here is one more option – bulbs tied with colored wire. This kind of fairy light can be hard to find, but the good news is that you can bet on a little DIY DIY. So take an exterior painting or masking tape and turn your light decoration into a unique work of art.

How to hang a light garland?

Among the traditional options, the first thing to do is to use ordinary transparent tape. It’s easy, affordable, but you can only use it on smooth surfaces like the window, for example. A similar method, but more aesthetic, is to hang your garlands on small adhesive hooks.

You can also hang the decorative lighting using paper clips, small cable ties or wrap it around your furniture, outdoor plants, or another decorative element. You can also use homemade driftwood to make a decoration of maritime or bohemian-chic style.

Creative ideas for a unique light garland

Easy DIY with paper cups or paper muffin cups

Make flowers or pom poms from tissue paper to decorate the fairy lights

Wrap a garland with artificial flowers around the light garland

Fit small garland bulbs into themed plastic shapes

Place the bulbs in ping-pong balls and decorate them with markers

Bright decoration with openwork paper

Decorative exterior lighting always creates a calming effect

Small balcony decoration idea with a light garland

Create a cozy and serene atmosphere

Use different size paper balls for maximum effect

The guinguette garland gives a more lively atmosphere to your balcony

“Brighten up” outdoor furniture

Decorate the breeze with light garlands

Create a hygge corner on your balcony with soft light and candles