DIY: Bud Vase Favors & Escort Cards

You Will Need: 1 1/4″ wooden blocks, fine sanding block or sand paper, wood stain, cloth (2) or sponge brush for staining, 15 x 85 mm test tubes, pencil, glue gun, power drill, vice clamps + workbench, small 1/4″ drillbit, large 5/8″ drillbit, protective goggles

Step One: In pencil, lightly make an X on one side of a wooden block. Clamp down your block (I highly recommend a vice clamp which would be much sturdier than a single clamp) and in the center of the X, drill a small starter hole about halfway deep into the block (make sure to wear protective goggles).

Step Two: Switch out small drillbit for larger 5/8″ one. Drill into the block about halfway to two thirds deep.

Step Three: Lightly sand any rough areas, then rub in a wood stain with a cloth or sponge brush. Let stain sit anywhere from 5-15 minutes (longer if you want a deeper color) then wipe off with a clean cloth. Let dry overnight.

Step Four: Once the block is dry, apply a dab of hot glue to the bottom of a test tube. Insert into the block and hold upright for a few seconds.

Step Five: As the glue is setting, spin the block to make sure the test tube is mostly at a 90 degree angle.

Step Six: Fill the test tube half way full of water and add a budding flower bloom.

Step Seven: To finish it off, tie a small card with each guest’s name and table number to the vase.