Make Your Own Party Pinata From A Nappy Box – DIY

What you need:

  1. Nappy Box
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen & Circle (plate)
  4. Glue
  5. Masking Tape Card Broad
  6. Crepe Paper

 Step 1: Flatten Nappy Box Out (Please don’t look at my dirty rug)

Step 2: I used a dinner plate to trace out 2 circles. Cut off the bottom of the box, this is perfect for the sides of the pinata.

 Step 3: Measure around the Circle to see how much you need. Allow extra.

 Step3: Sticky Tape together

 Step 4: Should be looking something like this now.  Roll the sides on a table to make them curve a little.

 Step 5: Stick the Side on 1 Circle. MAKE SURE THAT YOU FACE THE INSIDE OF THE BOX TO THE FRONT.(NO PRINT) It makes it easier to cover later on.

 Step 6: Cut off excess & tape across the top.

Step 7: Cut a flap in the top for the lollies to go in.

 Step 8: Tape on 2nd Circle. I put extra tape on it, only because it was for adults. It does take a long time to break for the kids.

 Step 9: Cover the whole Pinata with Cardboard.

Step 10: Cut up some stripes of Crepe Paper.

 Step 11: Place glue on the side & Ruffle up small stripes of Crepe Paper.

 Step 12: Continue the whole way around, with 3 stripes. You may need to wait for it to dry to turn it around. The Crepe paper does run ink a little.

 Step 13: Print up a picture & stick on front.  Add some more Ruffles on the front.

Finally, you can add the lollies, add some string to the flap, tape it down & hit away! All made for $3 plus some yummy lollies!