No Sew Bed Canopy

We came up with this easy bed canopy for Maggie’s son who wanted an underwater bedroom. We had been planning on sewing the canopy, but as we were working on it we discovered an easier, faster way with no sewing!

What you need:

  • 9 yards of fabric (we used a sheer fabric)
  • embroidery hoop – we used an 18 inch, but any size would work
  • rubber band
  • ribbon (about 12-18 inches it will be used to hang the canopy)
  • paint or ribbon if you want to cover your hoop (it will show)

We cut 3 yards of fabric off the 9 yards. Next we folded the remaining 6 yards of fabric in half and tied the ribbon to the middle. Using the rubber band we attached the 3 yards of fabric to the middle of the 6 yards.

We now had three sections of fabric 3 yards long each.

Next we put the fabric over the hoop with the top centered in the hoop. Make sure the fabric is evenly spread around the circle. close the top hoop tight.

Now it is ready to hang or embellish. We added beads and a fish for our underwater room. The kids love sleeping and playing in the canopy.