I was planning on sharing an interview with one of the cast members of 

Some of you long time readers may recognize a few pieces from my own house. I didn’t want the room to look all brand new, but rather like it had been decorated over time. The problem with that was I had 2 weeks to furnish, decorate, and perfect an entire house. . . so there was NO time for me to create original pieces. My solution was to use things from my own house that would work. I also scoured local flea markets to find one-of-a-kind pieces with some real personality! Chris Rose (the Production Designer) picked out the beautiful headboard, dresser, and night stands which definitely gave me an idea of where he wanted this design to go

So, I’ve told you about 

Of course every truly glamorous bedroom needs a vanity area. So, here’s the one I created for Lisa (the wife/mother in the movie).

I LOVED that bust from the moment I set eyes on her. She looks like a greek goddess to me, so elegant and lovely. Maybe I will call her Aphrodite.

One of my favorite elements in the room was the painted wall paper panels that I added to the wall behind the bed. When I got them they were white. I painted a layer of dark gray first, then added a gold glaze which created this glorious dimension (which is so important for the camera).

So, what do you think? Just wait until you see this room in the movie! Our lighting crew is amazing and the they really made the room glow. It was gorgeous!