Original balcony screen – 20 ideas with panels, greenery, curtains and more!

Have you just renovated the balcony, and now all you have to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor? Nothing could be more adequate than designing a relaxation area where you can unwind after a hectic day, right? Choose a comfortable chair, a small balcony table, some shade sail, and you’re good to go! In truth, not quite… Honestly, who could appreciate a small glass of rosé in the evening when exposed to the prying eyes of neighbors or passers-by in the street? An original and practical balcony screen is therefore required so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor space!

To each his own original balcony screen!

Fortunately, the era of waterproof canvases that stretch along the railing is over, and we can now pay attention to much more aesthetic solutions to ward off curious glances. Thus, an original and practical balcony screen takes several forms, which is a great advantage for contemporary owners. Let’s see some of the most attractive ideas broken down into five main categories for your convenience.

Modern and efficient blackout panels

As you can imagine, decorative panels made of PVC or composite materials are among the most popular visual protection devices among the urban population, and it is not without reason. They are modern in appearance, are easy to install, and are not normally priced too high.

In addition, these installations are usually of a temporary nature which makes them just as suitable for tenants as for owners. The perforated panels let light in and allow air to circulate freely, which guarantees a more refreshing feeling behind the screen.

The wooden palisades as an original balcony screen

Installing a wooden fence is another practical and aesthetic way to protect yourself from nearby curiosity. The price of solid wood is decidedly higher, but it’s worth it because its warm appearance effortlessly creates a welcoming atmosphere and adds value to your overall design.

In addition, the smartest DIY enthusiasts among you can make your own original balcony screen using reclaimed wood. For example, wooden pallets are perfect for this purpose! This strategy considerably reduces the final cost while emphasizing creativity, fantasy, unparalleled design.

A nice example of a handmade partition made of metal planks and tubes

Reed canvasses for an unrivaled exotic atmosphere

We continue with the classes made of reed, bamboo, wicker, rattan, and so on. They represent another group of openwork primer structures that can easily be used to implement an original and effective balcony screen.

The boho-chic balcony cannot do without woven furniture and the privacy screen.

Inexpensive, rich in attractive texture, and endowed with unparalleled rustic charm, these racks are ideal for any outdoor space. This is all the more true if you aim for an exotic aura, country chic style, or a bohemian spirit.

The reed hurdle is also suitable for roof terraces, porch, and garden terraces.

Original balcony screen with green planters

Then, it is the turn of an element of the landscape essential in the countryside, but always less frequent in the city. Of course, it is about the vegetation. The potted plants and planters to install along the railing are perfect for our ultimate goal.

Some of the fastest-growing bamboo, lush leafy palms and ferns, and super aesthetic roses are just three of the many plant species you can select for your balcony to be intimate and full of freshness.

Potted boxwoods and flowering plants are probably obvious choices in the context of our current mission. But did you know that you can go for a whole tree? For example, growing a lemon tree, planting an evergreen cypress, or growing a  potted magnolia tree are neat options.

Choose your flowering plants according to the orientation of your balcony in the sun.

Curtains and curtains for a cozy and chic atmosphere

Finally, here are some ideas that will amaze neighbors, passers-by, and your guests because you can now receive them even on the balcony! Yes, the decor created by the curtains and sheers is as elegant as you’ll forget the living room and dining room inside.

The main trick here is to match the color or patterns of the curtains to the rest of the textiles you are using. At best, the curtains will be in the same color range as the outdoor rug, table cloth, upholstery, cushions, etc.

Forget the indoor dining room and dine “al fresco”!