Pastel blue manicure, the nail color of summer 2021

Long considered childish, pastel blue nail polish is operating an unexpected revival this summer! So no more nude, beige, and milky white. It’s the pastel blue manicure that invites itself on your tanned hands this year. Matte, glossy, gradient, micro French or multicolored version, pastel blue nails come in several styles. Here are 20+ Nail Art inspirations to steal to adopt the star polish of the season, no matter how long your nails are.

Pastel blue manicure: 20+ tips to wear blue nails in style!

Yellow, orange, green, blue, red, beige, or nude, it’s not easy to choose when it’s time for a manicure. Good news: this summer, it is on pastel blue nails that you have to bet. It’s been a long time since it’s been on all the Instagram accounts of the beauticians who sport it in style. Adopted by Kylie Jenner, a high priestess of nail art trends, the pastel blue manicure is very easy to wear and to reproduce at home. The soft hue blends with all skin tones but looks especially appealing on tanned skin. Worn as is or paired with elaborate summer nail art, pastel blue nail polish is a must for summer 2021. So here’s how to make it work!

Before daring to use pastel blue, we take care of our nails.

Many of us want to have a trendy and perfectly well-groomed manicure. But by dint of manicuring them with too many gel manicures, nails, like hair, tend to break and be damaged. For them to be perfectly varnished this summer, they must be in good health. Adopting an adequate repairing skincare routine is therefore essential. So, before choosing the idea of ​​Nail Art in pastel blue, it is mandatory to pamper your claws with a detox. How to do it? First, we don’t hesitate to take breaks between gel manicures. Then, do not forget to moisturize the cuticles and deeply nourish the nails by applying castor oil, guaranteeing a smooth and shiny manicure without breakage or splitting. For this purpose, we get a 4-sided polisher which guarantees a complete job, from filing to polishing.

How to wear pastel blue nails?

Hard to believe that we are already in the middle of summer. The perfect opportunity to do some shopping both in fashion and manicure! And now is more than ever the time for a change. So no more red, coral, and white! This summer, we are inspired by nailistas who swear by pastel blue nails. What is it exactly? As the name suggests, it is a soft and delicate blue that tends towards lavender color but remains blue. A shade that goes with all skin tones and looks too cool regardless of the length of the nails. In addition, it can be easily combined with all varnish colors… well, almost. Red is an exception. Visit our photo gallery to find out how to pair it well. Rhinestones, sequins, flowers, french,

Pastel blue french manicure

Pastel blue false nails

Pastel blue gel nails

Transparent false nails and pastel blue varnish

Minimalist and ultra original blue manicure

Blue and pastel pink nails

Pastel blue adopted in gradient

White and pastel blue

Floral nail art and pastel blue varnish

Pastel blue false nails and floral patterns

Shades of manicure – one color, several options

Pastel blue and floral patterns

Pastel blue floral manicure

Pastel blue on short nails

Two-tone pink and pastel blue manicure

Summer nail art

Glitter, white, and pastel blue for a successful party manicure

Pastel blue spring manicure