Tissue Paper Pom Pom’s – Rainbow Party

Love These! They make the main table look so pretty! For $1 a Pom Pom, you can’t go wrong. This is how I made them.

1 x Packet of tissue paper
Fishing Wire
1 x Pipe Cleaner

Lay tissue Paper flat, then start folding like a fan, back & forth until the end.
I did mine around 5 cm.

Should look like this.
Fold the down hard.

Now fold in half & make crease of half way

Tie the pipe cleaner in the middle, then twist the 2 end together. We use this part for hanging later.

Fold together again. See how the ends are uneven.

Cut 1 end.
It can be rounded or cut in a V. Whatever you like.

Then cut the other end to match

Fan open one end.
If you keep your fingers in between the cresses, it makes it much easier to hold and pull apart.

Start by VERY CAREFULLY pulling one piece of tissue paper away from the middle.
This will rip if you don’t go slowly.

You can see in the below picture that I didn’t pull all the way down to where the pipe cleaner is. This is because I’m inpatient!
Basically, the more you pull away, the bigger the pom pom will be.

Side view

Then flip & do the same on the other side.
You must alternate the sides you pull from. This makes it easier.

Keep Going

One side done.

Flip & do the same to the other side.

Once finished you can easily attach the fishing wire
to the pipe cleaner to hang.


How AMAZING do they look!?!