Tutorial: book print necklace stand

Ready to see how to make the cutest under $10 necklace stand ever?

Totally cute, right?

Gather your supplies:

I assume most crafters will have these supplies on hand, except the necklace stand itself. I found this white one at Michael’s. It was 7.99 but I used a 40% off coupon on it. I have seen black necklace stands at Joann’s, so you could experiment with black if you wanted!

Start by painting on a LOT of Mod Podge:

The stand I got has sort of a velvety texture, so it sucks up the Podge like crazy. I think you smart cookies can figure out the gluing the paper part đŸ™‚ But then we come to the curvy “neck” part:

This is where you have to get messy and you might even get a little frustrated. But stick with it! You have to get the paper really wet with Mod Podge and then kind of mold it down around the curves and squish it on there. I have no picture of me doing this because my hands were covered  in glue so no way was I touching my camera! Just work with it. There is no set method. It is art. Go with it.

Here is my stand all glued up and squished down. I let it dry overnight and here it is layered with my jewelry and lookin’ pretty:

Go! Make! Display!