Tutorial: monogram key chain

Have you ever created a craft just so you could use something new that you got?
Well, I got some new Jenni Bowlin paper and I knew I wanted to use it on something cute. So I came up with these cute monogram key chains.

They are really simple and cheap to make.

Here is what you will need:

wood block things
cut out letters (I used my Cricut)
Mod Podge
small & medium key chain rings
Drill and 3/32 drill bit (not pictured)

Start by painting a thin layer of Mod Podge on one side of the block and sticking the letter on.

Paint on a few thin layers of Mod Podge over the letter, letting each coat dry in between. I chose to paint only the front side of the wood block with the letter on it.

After letting it completely dry, drill a hole near the top of the block. I used a 3/32 drill bit after experimenting with some smaller ones. Loop the ring through the hole – it is a bit tricky to fit the ring through, and pliers help with this part. After you get the ring through, that’s it – you’re done!

That’s it – a quick, easy and totally cute project!

Great to give away. Great to make a couple for yourself.