wall art: light & airy (part 2)

Ready for part two of my light & airy wall art? (You can see part 1 here)


I really love how the embroidered paper airplane came out – I think it fits perfectly with the pinwheels.

I traced (with a water soluble pen) a paper airplane onto some scrap cloth and embroidered with a simple back stitch.

Easy! Really! It took me about 30 minutes. Satisfaction for my instant gratification loving soul.

After I embroidered the piece, I backed the cloth with fabric stabilizer. I know this seems backwards. Usually you use fabric stabilizer during embroidery, but I don’t like to. But because I wanted to frame the piece without glass, I knew the cloth would need to be a little more rigid to hold up in the frame without sagging. Enter fabric stabilizer. After backing the fabric, I cut it down to size and popped it in the frame.

 Onto the hot air balloon. I started by sketching out a hot air balloon, then cutting it out to use as a template to trace with.


You can see my awesome sketching skills. Ha!

I stitched the pieces down with embroidery thread and added a little basket. Very simple but lovely results.

I really hope you have enjoyed this project.