12 gift ideas for Mother’s Day that you can make yourself

The best Mother’s Day gift idea is one that the little ones have made with their own hands! Here is a small list that will facilitate your choice of suitable DIY and at the same time serve as an inspiring muse! You have to show the projects to your girls/boys, provide them with the materials, and the kids will take care of the rest!

Symbolic Mother’s Day gift idea – card with a heart suncatcher

No matter what specific favorite activity, any DIY Mother’s Day gift idea is loaded with a significant dose of positive energy. However, we must admit that some are more symbolic than others or allow for an even more touching gesture. This is the case with the card with suncatcher illustrated above, which is almost unnecessary to explain.

If, however, you cannot figure out exactly how to set up the suncatcher! You have to put it inside the equally simplistic pink paper card, and voila!

Candleholder from a glass jar – a brilliant artistic surprise

We will continue with a very artistic Mother’s Day gift idea that does not require much equipment. A regular jar, a few colors of paint, and a little imagination are all you need! Of course, adding a tag signed “Your love is my guiding light”, “In your eyes, there is always light,” or some similar quote gives bonus points!

Super easy to make a rainbow heart wreath!

This rainbow paper heart wreath is much easier to make than you might first think. Start by cutting long, narrow ribbons from colored paper and tie the two ends together to make hearts. A unique precision: children aged 5-6 can secure both ends of the paper strips using a small desktop stapler, while the little ones can use a staple-free or glue in a stick.

Personalized photo holder in stages – a great Mother’s Day gift idea

A great Mother’s Day gift idea is to concoct a personalized photo holder to decorate Mom’s desk. Either way, there is nothing simpler and more touching at the same time than a surprise inciting creativity and skill, made at home in no time at all and from ordinary objects that are inexpensive and available even in “Everything for 1 euro” stores! Nothing more to be desired, is there?

The first photo of the collage above illustrates the necessary material, namely: peat or recycled paper bucket, a small florist foam cylinder, a pair of scissors and an office stapler, glue, a paper straw, two cupcake boxes, a colored sheet of paper and an adorable photo of the child. Some kind of ballast (pebbles, multicolored sugared almonds, marbles, etc.) will also be useful.

The first step in its realization is to cut the floral foam to fit inside the cup. Then draw or paint a large flower on the colored paper, cut it out following the outlines and attach it to the paper straw using the stapler as if it is its stem. On the other floral side, staple one of the boxes and glue the cut-out round photo in advance in its center.

As an option, kids can paint the bucket in cool colors to make the result more fun. Finally, assemble all the elements you have already made by simply inserting the straw into the piece of foam and hiding the latter with the second white cupcake box. Don’t forget to add the “ballast” that will hold your photo holder upright, and you are ready to surprise mom for her party!

Other gift ideas and cards for Mother’s Day

Cut out paper flowers and glue them with foam tape for a 3D effect!

Cold porcelain / white clay / fimo painted in watercolor plant marker labels.

Top Mother’s Day gift idea – personalized mittens with handprint

Recycled bouquet – flowers in the cardboard egg carton, paper straws, pom-poms, and paint

DIY bookmarks decorated with dried flowers from the herbarium are a wonderful gift

Mother’s Day gift idea “made to measure” – personalized drawing book “Mum and me.”

Nothing more touching than saying, “You are the light of my life!” with such a card