Make the best Mother’s Day card 2021

Have you already chosen a gift for Mother’s Day, but you feel like something is missing? So, perhaps it is the greeting card that is an integral part of every festive occasion and should not be overlooked at all. And in this context, today, the editorial staff of presents its majesty to you the Mother’s Day 2021 card through eight amazing ideas to make yourself. Follow us!

DIY Mother’s Day 2021 card decorated with pretty tulips

Are you looking for a quick and easy 2021 Mother’s Day card idea? So, if your answer is “yes”, we are pleased to unveil our first tutorial, which takes only 30 minutes at most. And here are the necessary materials:

  • Light and dark pink, green, and brown cardboard
  • Green chenille yarns
  • Black felt or letter stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

1. Start by drawing the outlines of a flowerpot on two sheets of brown cardboard and cut them out.
2. Next, trace the outlines of your tulips on the pink paper. You will need six pieces in total.
3. Fold your paper flower in half. Then, fold its two sides in the opposite direction. Do the same with two more tulips.
4. Glue the two folded sides of each tulip to the remaining three, as shown in the image above.

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5. Then, glue your paper tulips on the light pink cardboard.
6. Next, assemble the flowerpot. To do this, glue the two pieces of brown cardboard at the top edges so that the jar can open.
7. Glue the green chenille threads to create the tulip stems.
8. Cut leaves from the green paper and glue them next to each stem.
9. Finally, apply your stickers to shape the word “mom” or write it in black felt. Don’t forget to leave a few sweet words inside the flowerpot.

DIY Mother’s Day card for tea lovers


Does your mom like to sip a nice cup of aromatic tea? If so, why not give her a tea gift box with a matching Mother’s Day 2020 card? Do not hesitate to click on the link above to design an original box to inspire you with many customizable ideas. As for the matching card, please find out how to make it in the next paragraph.

First, shape the mini cup by cutting out one of the cells from the corner of an egg carton. Then color the room with a color of your choice and let it dry well. In the meantime, glue a sheet of colored paper onto another white one slightly larger than the first. Once the small cup has dried, glue it on the colored paper and attach a small chenille thread to create the handle. Finally, all that remains is to add a few flower stickers and a teabag. There you have it, nothing complicated!

Kindergarten mother’s day card with pompoms

The animal pompoms are an original and fun craft activity to entertain kids from kindergarten. In addition to serving as a magnificent Easter decoration, these cute creations are also invited on the Mother’s Day 2021 card to give it a soft and colorful touch. Flamingos, chicks, fireflies, penguins… the choice is yours.

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As a bonus, fold a sheet of card stock in half. Then, following our examples, create the design you like using colored pencils, pom-poms, and glue. This simple but very original idea can be achieved in no time and adapts to every occasion.

Easy card idea for Mother’s Day in a hyacinth flower way

Here is another DIY idea for a colorful and easy to recreate kindergarten mother’s day card! Like tulips, hyacinth flowers symbolize spring and are a must-have for spring decoration. What’s more, it is straightforward to make them from paper to create a greeting card that smells like spring! And here is the necessary material:

  • White, light blue, green, purple, or pink cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

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Instructions :

1. First, cut the leaves and stems of the hyacinth from green cardboard. Next, cut out the flower base (in an oval shape) and eight strips from purple or pink cardboard. The color is up to you.
2. Cut a rectangle in the light blue cardboard and glue the piece on the white cardstock previously folded in half.
3. Glue the rod on the light blue cardboard, followed by the oval piece. Then fold each sheet in half before attaching them using glue.
4. Finally, all that remains is to assemble the petals of your hyacinth flower. To do this, shape circles from each strip, securing the ends with glue. Glue all the petals on the oval shape and let everything dry well. Your Mother’s Day 2021 card is ready!

DIY card for mother’s day Mediterranean-inspired way

Are you ready to make a Mother’s Day 2021 card straight out of the exotic garden of Èze? So, get the following materials and roll up the sleeves:

  • Green, dark pink, and light pink cardboard
  • White glue
  • Black felt pen
  • Pencil
  • Mini decorative paper flowers


The steps to follow:

1. Fold the green card in half and trace your child’s left hand on it. Then cut out the imprint, be careful not to cut the left side to open the card.
2. Then, draw the thorns of the cactus using the black felt-tip pen.
3. Then, create the pot by drawing a semi-oval shape on the light pink paper. Make sure the pot is wider than the handprint and cut.
4. Follow the example above and cut a slightly curved strip in the dark pink paper to shape the saucer.
5. Glue the saucer to the lower part of the pot. Then glue this one to the bottom of the cactus print.
6. Give the final touches to your Mother’s Day 2020 card by gluing the mini decorative paper flowers!

Pop-up greeting card for our precious moms!

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While we’re at it, let’s take a look at an idea with handprints again, but this time it’s a more special variation. How about two hands holding a pop-up heart with a touching message or, better yet – a poem for Mother’s Day? If this original idea appeals to you, you will need the following items to make it happen:

  • Scrapbooking paper or cardboard
  • Glue
  • Red acrylic paint to create nails
  • Scissors

As you can see by looking at the examples, drawing the outlines with your own hand will not do. Here, the fingers are much longer, so you have to go around a large indentation on the paper (folded in half beforehand) yourself using the pencil. Then cut out, being careful not to cut the left part. Ultimately, your Mother’s Day 2021 card should be able to open. Then, cut out a heart, write your touching message on it and glue the piece as shown in the images above. Finally, paint the nails red, let them dry, and that’s it!

Mother’s Day card 2021 to make yourself: funny flowers in buds

Making a Mother’s Day 2021 card is definitely one of the most popular and loved craft activities for kids. Awaken their creativity and give free rein to their imagination thanks to our following tutorial, which guarantees the creation of a unique and colorful card. So, you will need buttons of different colors and sizes, card stock in your choice of color, green foam paper, glue, and scissors.

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Start by folding the cardboard in half. Next, cut out stems of different sizes from the green foam paper and glue them to the card stock. Glue large buds above the stems, leaving space for the petals. Then, start attaching small buttons to create the flowers. Let everything dry well, and you’re done.

Mother’s Day card idea inspired by flamingos

Let’s finish with an idea similar to the one with the pom-pom animals. Unmissable in summer decoration, flamingos are also invited on cards for mothers, as we have already seen. So, to create the model shown in the example above, you will need white cardboard, pink foam paper, dark pink felt sheet, crayons, lace tape, glue, and scissors.


Cut out a small and a larger heart from the foam paper. Glue them on the white cardboard, as shown in the example above. Then take the pencils and draw the bodies of the flamingos, starting with the long necks, head, beak and ending with the legs. Outline with black pencil and color in pink. If desired, write a sweet message there. Then attach the lace ribbon to the top edge of the card. Finally, cut a small heart out of the felt and attach it to the larger one with glue.