Top 20 best wedding welcome sign ideas

It is the height of wedding season, and the frenetic planning of small weddings with friends and slightly more ceremonies is at its peak. To finally say “yes” after months of waiting, many young people choose to organize their weddings outdoors, in a chic country atmosphere, or at the mother’s side. Are you also looking for an original idea to welcome your guests on D-Day? One of the major trends in bridal decor in recent years is undoubtedly the wedding welcome sign. Put on a table, a bedside, or even hanging from a tree allows you to mark out space and create a nice overall harmony. In addition, it is elementary to do yourself. Demo in our article of the day!

20 creative and easy-to-emulate ideas for making your own DIY wedding welcome sign

Are you looking for an original and easy achieve idea to make your wedding decor even more romantic and unique? Then, we have what you need to welcome your guests in style! Cocktail sign, candy bar, photobooth, urn… the welcome sign is the most popular wedding sign for the bride and groom. Why? Well, quite simply because it is a welcome sign that sets the tone and announces the color to the guests when they arrive on site. And since you won’t be able to make a good second impression, it’s important to take care of the look of your panel.

Inwood, plexiglass, slate, decorated with fresh flowers or recovered objects, this element of the bridal decoration allows all creative daring. However, we do not fall for its aesthetic side only. The wedding welcome plaque is very practical and user-friendly. Your guests will feel welcome thanks to the text you have chosen. This one can be simple and subtle, like “The wedding of Sophie and Bastian” or a little more original and playful like “Welcome to the marriage of the blonde and the bearded.” Whatever text you choose, your signature must match your invitation and all of your wedding decor.

Country wedding welcome sign in a pallet.

For a chic country wedding decor, the word “salvage” is the order of the day! Economical and simple to make, creations made from wooden pallets are sure to bring a rustic and unique character to your wedding ceremony. And no, you don’t need to have high DIY skills to hijack these slat racks into an array of ingenious objects that are as practical as they are decorative. The welcome panel, seating plan, photo backdrop, arch… there are dozens of ideas. So, if, like many couples, you have fallen under the spell of the rustic wedding decoration, the recycled and eco-friendly pallet welcome panel is made for you. Ultra original, this element of the decor with a rustic character will allow you to welcome your guests with style and originality. A few brushstrokes, some fresh flowers, and you’re there.

Welcome sign to mirror wedding

The material that we tend to blame for its fragility is now invited to manufacture your wedding decoration. Timeless, elegant, and easy to divert from its original use, the mirror goes wonderfully with the idea of ​​a bridal welcome sign. He also knows how to easily find his place in a bohemian, rustic, and tropical wedding. The mirror hides a good decorative potential with its clean look and lends itself readily to DIY and personalization. So go ahead and turn it into a pretty wedding plaque to elegantly wish “Welcome!” »To your guests. Get a good brush and some paint and write a greeting that inspires you.

Welcome panel in bathroom linen – an unparalleled wedding decoration idea

Whether it’s a welcome sign indicating the direction, some tables, photo corner, menu, or schedule, this element of wedding decor come in many shapes and sizes. While some brides and grooms opt for a wooden or plexiglass plaque, others prefer originality by choosing a personalized bathroom linen panel with embroidered messages.

Slate wedding welcomes sign.

Thanks to the slate wedding panel, originally welcoming your guests without breaking your budget becomes quite possible. Easy to manufacture and customizable at will, the chalkboard is easily adorned with fresh flowers and blends wonderfully with the country wedding decor. Whether it only bears your first names or a small touching message, it will always have a small effect on your guests. After the wedding, the slate will easily find its place in your interior as an original wall decoration that will remind you of the happiest day of your life!

Wedding terrarium – an original way to say “welcome” to your guests

Terrariums are the great decoration trend of the moment! Chic, elegant and ultra original, they are more and more present in contemporary wedding decorations. Inspired by botany, the terrarium can house various decorative elements: succulents, fresh flowers, candles, sand, potting soil, light garland, etc. But in addition to being the object of a magnificent centerpiece for weddings, it easily transforms into a pretty welcome “sign” to welcome your guests with class and distinction. Obviously, it is advisable to make your wedding terrarium according to the season. If it is, for example, a spring ceremony, favor seasonal flowers such as Indian lilac, the orchid, and the rose. For a bohemian beach wedding, there’s nothing like a composition based on sand and succulents. You can also play with the shape of your terrarium. To make it a welcome sign, don’t forget to personalize it with a few words of welcome.

The old window transformed into a welcome sign.

The leitmotif of many bride and groom? Don’t blow up the budget! And if the place of reception and the dinner cost a fortune, it is clearly possible to save money on decor. The solution? Recover, recuperate and still recuperate! After the pallets, we tackle the old wooden windows to make a pretty inexpensive welcome sign with a chic country spirit. Don’t have windows to recycle? No problem! You can therefore replace the patio door with a large white painted frame.

Diverted brass cloakroom in bohemian wedding panel

As already said, recycling is one of the keys to original and affordable wedding decoration. The brass cloakroom makes an excellent support for a successful DIY welcome sign. All you need to do is add your personalized sign, decorate it as you like, and you’re done. Climbing flowers, wicker basket, light garland, candles… you are spoiled for choice.

Wedding welcome plaque in acrylic glass, painted in rose gold

White wedding welcome sign

Original DIY wedding welcome sign

Clear acrylic wedding welcome plaque

Cheap DIY wedding welcome sign

Black wedding welcome sign

Instant Photo Wedding Welcome Sign

Wooden country wedding welcome signs decorated with fresh flowers

Welcome sign cheap and elementary to imitate

Another good idea to get off the beaten track

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